Purpose: Attract interest with a compelling and authentic brand narrative; connect our target audience with Holacracy products and services that are relevant and useful to them
  • Aficionado

    for GlassFrog




    • Giving interviews with Storyteller, contracted writers, and academic researchers

    • Reviewing and editing ghost-written blog posts to ensure they accurately reflect Aficionado's voice

Purpose: Healthy partners, healthy tribe, healthy collisions
  • Badge Bootstrapper

    for Technical Badges


    Highly discerning and conservative Badge grants to bootstrap just enough people into new Badges


    • Assessing Partners for Badges upon their self-nomination, when there aren't yet enough people who actually hold the Badge and work with the Partner who can reasonably assess

    • Reviewing and assessing proposed additions or changes to the Badge Library

  • Compensation Guardian

    for for development & technology professionals


    Fair relative compensation levels, aligned with @Compensation_Architect's guidance


    • Assessing proposals for compensation placements against other existing placements, and against the general guidance published by Compensation Architect

  • Partner Partner

    for Heather until Aug 2018


    A helping hand for partners


    • Answering questions from Partners about Holacracy, the company's activities, the partnership, and how all of these work together

    • Talking with Partners upon request to help them build perspective on tension processing pathways including differentiating tensions best processed personally versus organizationally

    • Supporting Partners to find a professional development path in the partnership upon request

    • Initiating conversations with new Partners to provide thought-partnership on their transition into the company

    • Documenting completed tasks on the new Partners onboarding checklist as defined by Courtship and Onboarding Process

  • Tenured Partner


    A healthy tribe and tribe space for HolacracyOne, where partners thrive while contributing their gifts


    • Relationship Contracts between Partners and the Organization


    • Interviewing new Partner candidates and assessing whether to invite them into the partnership, upon request of any relevant Role

    • Assessing Partners for continued partnership during scheduled Partnership Reviews

    • Assessing candidates for Tenured Partner status, upon a Partner's self-nomination

    • Sharing information and context at an appropriate moment about partners transitioning out of the organization

    • Identifying polarity imbalances at play and relevant in HolacracyOne's culture, and, when one is identified, calling attention to the value of both poles, to the pitfalls of unbalanced overuse of both poles, and to examples within H1 of effective use of the underbalanced pole

    • Assessing partnership grant proposals

Purpose: Satisfy the customer, with @Product_Vision as proxy, through early and continuous delivery of truly valuable software
  • Developer


    Satisfy the customer, with @Product_Vision as proxy, through early and continuous delivery of truly valuable software


    • Implementing GlassFrog user stories, bug fixes, and chores in alignment with development practices set by Development Process Steward

    • Testing new functionality before each production deployment

    • Providing input into estimation at the request of Development Process Steward

    • Sharing development challenges with Product Design, GlassFrog Development, and Developer as challenges arise

    • Demonstrating working software to Product Design regularly and frequently, and integrating feedback surfaced by Product Design

    • Soliciting feedback and input from Product Design early and often during the development of each user story

    • Evaluating technical skills of candidate role-fillers on request of Technical Screener, using the process and guidelines defined by that role

    • Orienting new Developer role fillers on GlassFrog functionality upon request

    • Adding infra stories to get rid of dead code as observed

    • Providing teamwide visibility to any significant non-product-story-related work by tracking it in a shared infrastructure queue.

Purpose: Evolve humanity’s relationship to power.
  • Facilitator


    Circle governance and operational practices aligned with the Constitution.


    • Facilitating the Circle’s constitutionally-required meetings

    • Auditing the meetings and records of Sub-Circles as needed, and declaring a Process Breakdown upon discovering a pattern of behavior that conflicts with the rules of the Constitution

  • Investor Context Link

    for D Unit Holders (until Dec. 31, 2018)


    The Organization as an effective investment vehicle for its investors


    • Representing the Investor Context within the Organization

Purpose: Enable and accelerate self-organization through software; make it so easy that anyone can do it
  • Product Design

    for web


    GlassFrog functionality is specified into deliverable chunks


    • User-facing GlassFrog web app functionality


    • Breaking down high-level feature sets into shippable user stories at the request of Product Vision

    • Reviewing work in progress software and providing feedback to Developer

    • Evaluating completed stories and accepting once ready for deployment

    • Prioritizing user stories into the product development backlog to implement epics and other goals defined by Product Vision, in alignment with epic-level and other overall priorities defined by Product Vision

  • Release Coordinator


    Someone is paying attention to what and when things will be shipped and communicating them internally


    • Triggering Customer Experience that new functionality will be released

    • Socializing upcoming new functionality internally

    • Triggering Customer Experience to notify the userbase of major upcoming releases

    • Notifying roles of API changes.
      - Triggered Action: Notifying Customer Experience when a version of the API becomes deprecated, and when it will be removed.

    • Notifying Outreach of interesting new and upcoming functionality that is announce-worthy

  • Requirements Wrangler


    Gathering and ordering needs from GlassFrog feedback channels


    • Reviewing and collecting early pipeline customer feature and feedback requests into an organized system to provide visibility into customer needs

    • Providing a means for customers to provide input on prioritization of possible features

    • Tracking key stakeholder feedback and requests

    • Providing a regular summary of high priority customer needs to Product Vision to inform prioritization of the roadmap and backlog

  • UX Liaison


    Smooth integration with outsourced design


    • Serving as primary contact for external vendors related to User Experience and representing them in the circle

    • Organizing the UX backlog according to priorities set by Product Vision and Product Design

    • Facilitating communication between UX vendors and the rest of the team as needed

Purpose: Evolve humanity’s relationship to power
  • Spending Guardian


    Resources spent wisely and retained wisely


    • Evaluating potential expenditures upon request and after escalation in the normal spending authorization flow