Purpose: Illuminating Paths to Wholeness at Work
  • Communication Crafter


    Communication that inspires to action


    • Developing content for website, newsletter and blog except for Themes specific content

    • Integrating guidelines as defined by Brand Steward

    • Integrating information regarding products and services as defined by Theme Architect

    • Proofreading and editing all content for website, newsletter, product promotion and blog

    • Integrating guidelines as defined by Storytelling Wizard

  • Lead Link

    (Lead Link)


    Illuminating Paths to Wholeness at Work


    • Role assignments within the Circle


    • Assigning Partners to the Circle’s Roles; monitoring the fit; offering feedback to enhance fit; and re-assigning Roles to other Partners when useful for enhancing fit

    • Allocating the Circle’s resources across its various Projects and/or Roles

    • Establishing priorities and Strategies for the Circle

    • Defining metrics for the circle

    • Structuring the Governance of the Circle to enact its Purpose and Accountabilities

    • Removing constraints within the Circle to the Super-Circle enacting its Purpose and Accountabilities

  • Opportunity Gardener


    A rich landscape of opportunities that grow to be realized


    • Participating in conversations and maintaining the contact on relevant social media to sow the seeds for and grow opportunities

    • Participating at conferences and events relevant to cultivating opportunities

    • Searching and cultivating business opportunities for services that are aligned with the organization's capacity to deliver

    • Triggering Service Delivery upon identification of realizable service opportunity

  • Products & Services


    Products and services that illuminate paths to wholeness


    • Pricing


    • Selecting external collaboration partners with offerings that support the purpose

    • Defining Product and Service Guidelines according to strategy and business model

    • Defining Products and Services that are separate from Themes

    • Defining pricing for products and services

  • Retreat Host


    Well hosted meetup needs and logistics for Organization Partners and Association Members during Purpose Agent Retreats


    • Publishing Purpose Agent Retreat dates and location

    • Selecting dates, cities, and spaces conducive for Member/Partners to work and socialize with one another

    • Coordinating schedules with outside guests/visitors

    • Coordinating additional retreat needs, including supplies, snacks, refreshments, etc.

  • Service Delivery

    for Language of Spaces


    Clients in awe of their experience


    • Delivering services as defined by Theme Architect

    • Funneling feedback and client requirements to Theme Architect for possible integration into service design

    • Triggering Finance to generate invoices as needed; trigger to include: engagement details, billing contact info and terms, item(s) to be billed, quantity, and cost/currency/amounts

    • Negotiating and executing service agreements

  • Theme Architect

    for Language of Spaces and Purpose Alignement


    The most compelling services in the Theme(s) to illuminate paths to wholeness at work


    • Developing products and services according to Product and Service Guidelines defined by Product & Service Steward

    • Developing designs and formats for workshops, retreats and coachings

    • Developing Theme specific content for website, product promotion, newsletter and blog

    • Developing and organizing “Train the Trainer” and “Train the Coach”

    • Onboarding role fillers for Service Delivery

    • Defining all relevant event requirements of locations for workshops and retreat service offerings to Delivery Organizer

Purpose: Illuminating paths to wholeness at work
  • General


    Illuminating Paths to Wholeness at Work


    • There are no accountabilities defined for this role