Inspiring communication through visualization

  • Shareholder


    Legal grounding for Nightnurse Images GmbH


    • Representing the perspective of the shareholder


Inspiring communication through visualization

  • Bookkeeper


    Well documented financial records


    • Keeping the financial book records up to date and consistent

    • Preparing monthly financial reports

    • Coordinating with external book keepers

    • Booking invoices and issuing payments

    • Checking expenses with receipts

  • Closer


    Great deals established


    • Briefing Visualizer and Project Lead

    • Checking invoices to clients

    • Preparing client info for project take over by Visualizer and Project Lead

    • Responding to client requests

    • Discussing and closing deals with clients

    • Presenting new technologies to clients

    • Contracting clients for exclusive cooperation

    • Keeping the calendar up to date according to Vertec projects

    • Checking back with Project Coordinator in case of requests in times with high demand

    • Asking clients about publishability date of the images after closing the deals, and recording these informations in Vertec

    • Opening basecamp for upcoming projects

    • Tracking and collecting the reasons if a project is canceled by a client

    • Asking new clients how they found us and documenting result

  • Crafting Lab


    Kick ass service delivery


    • Producing and delivering services as contracted by Closer

    • Living the purpose of the circle fully while using resources wisely

    • Preparing a selection of works on a monthly basis to represent our best work on the website.

    • Reminding the client while sending the final images to mention our copyrights and in case of competitions mention Nightnurse Images for "Ancillary Works"

    • Checking client 3D data during offer phase on request by Closer

  • Customer Relations


    Happy and returning clients


    • Dealing with customer complaints and documenting them in vertec

    • Contacting and engaging with potential clients

    • Representing Nightnurse Images GmbH in the outside world

    • Maintaining relationships with large-project clients

    • Maintaining relationships with stakeholders when travelling is required

    • Collecting customer opinions and documenting them if relevant

  • External teaching

    for Support Role


    All our best-kept secrets shared


    • Teaching visualization to external students

  • Finance Planner


    Always enough money around


    • Creating the Annual Operative Plan

    • Updating 'what is' status of the Operative Plan

    • Planning financial situation (liquidity) for the upcoming month

  • Holacracy Cat


    Circles operating self-sufficiently according to the rules and principles of Holacracy


    • Supporting and advising Lead Links of new circles in defining a minimally sufficient initial structure of roles and (if applicable) subcircles

    • Preparing and delivering kickoffs, trainings, and workshops for new circles

    • Modeling and gradually handing over the roles of Facilitator and Secretary in the tactical and governance meetings of new circles

    • Coaching circles and circle members in the rules and principles of Holacracy

    • Training and coaching Facilitators, Secretaries, Lead Links, and Rep Links

    • Monitoring circles’ development towards mature self-organization and sensing and processing tensions and restraining forces

    • Monitoring founders during transition away from board meeting

  • Insurance Keeper


    Reasonable level of insurance coverage


    • Insurance contracts


    • Selecting, contracting and revisiting insurance contracts for all necessary insurances

  • IT Infrastructure


    Ideal IT Infrastructure


    • IT Infrastructure (Hardware: Server, Network, Workstations)


    • Maintaining and evolving IT infrastructure and workstations

    • Administrating software licenses

  • IT Support


    Flawlessly working hardware and software


    • Solving issues with the workstations, software or network

  • Legal


    Clear relationships with world


    • Contributing to update of GTCs and legal questions

    • Evolving company contracts

  • Pricing


    Cristal Clear Pricing model


    • Creating and evolving pricing system for our services by integrating ideas from the Closer

  • Product Definition


    Our products defined


    • Developing and maintaining product definitions for our products (from rough outline/concept to the detailed specifications)

    • Maintaining the product section on our website

    • Defining tagging guidelines for our products on our website

  • Sales Documents




    • Creating and maintaining content and texts of our business proposal templates

  • Secretary


    Steward and stabilize the Circle’s formal records and record-keeping process.


    • All constitutionally-required records of the Circle


    • Capturing and publishing the outputs of the Circle’s required meetings, and maintaining a compiled view of the Circle’s current Governance, checklist items, and metrics

    • Interpreting Governance and the Constitution upon request

    • Scheduling the Circle’s required meetings, and notifying all Core Circle Members of scheduled times and locations

    • Opening meetings ahead of scheduled time to allow adding agenda items upfront

  • Timecop


    Well organized timesheets


    • Deciding where activities belong in timesheets

    • Defining, maintaining and publishing guidelines for the tracking of internal hours

    • Updating the internal projects & phases in Vertec to correspond with the roles in Glassfrog

  • Vertec Data Miner


    Important data accessible


    • Vertec programming settings


    • Analyzing data and pitching outputs to other roles

    • Evolving and providing a system that keeps track of all projects, time tracking and contacts

    • Sharing newly created functions and features in Vertec with affected roles

    • Solving issues with Vertec


Kick ass service delivery

  • Creative Director


    Ensures that quality standards of the product are maintained and continually improved without compromising on client demands


    • Checking product quality with Visualizer according to the crafting images process (CIP) as described by Process Design

    • Showing 'to boldly go where no man has gone before'-pathways to Visualizer

    • Working together with the visualizer and the closer on the project assigned to them by the project coordinator, providing professional advice and help

    • Participating kick-off meeting at the beginning of the project or at a point agreed by the involved parties

    • Intervening in the creative production process if the visualizer is under performing, the product is not meeting quality standards and/or at other disturbances

    • Providing quality control and approval on key points in the project on request

    • Spotting disturbance patterns in the production process and addressing them in the monthly assembly

    • Holding monthly meetings with available creative directors to discuss the state of the creative production in the company.

    • Defining criteria that future role fillers should meet

  • Lead Link


    Kick ass service delivery


    • Role assignments within the Circle


    • Assigning Partners to the Circle’s Roles; monitoring the fit; offering feedback to enhance fit; and re-assigning Roles to other Partners when useful for enhancing fit

    • Allocating the Circle’s resources across its various Projects and/or Roles

    • Establishing priorities and Strategies for the Circle

    • Defining metrics for the circle

    • Structuring the Governance of the Circle to enact its Purpose and Accountabilities

    • Removing constraints within the Circle to the Super-Circle enacting its Purpose and Accountabilities

  • Project Lead


    Project Lead and Communication that leads to a happy customer


    • Working towards customer expectations as captured in the project description and communicated in the Closer briefing, as well as directly communicated by the client.

    • Leading commissioned projects by nightnurse standards according to the crafting images process (CIP) as described by Process Design

    • Communicating externally with the client and internally with the project team (usually including Closer, Visualizer, Creative Director) and being in active and constant exchange.

    • Receiving and verifying client feedbacks and discuss them with Visualizer and Creative Director

    • Keeping track with project budget and communicating budget issues with Closer and Visualizer

    • Distributing tasks inside the team (when more than one Visualizer is involved)

    • Checking client data and sending projects to 3D Modeller (Buenos Aires)

    • Setting up the final folder with all necessary files and archiving projects

    • Organizing site photos in a timely manner

  • Software Coordinator

    for Rhino3D + plugins


    Mastery of Crafting Software


    • Solving technical issues with the production software and its related plugins

    • Maintaining documentation for software

    • Updating best practice for software on a regular basis

    • Creating and maintaining software template files and guidelines for file structures

    • Monitoring updates of relevant software and its related plugins and initiating updates to newer versions

  • Tutor

    for IT, Vertec


    Skillful players


    • Teaching the module to all partners on request

    • Helping and advising with individual technical issues and problems.

    • Creating and presenting workshops for new techniques and useful skills that are not yet well known

    • Creating modules and maintaining documentation on Notion

  • Visualizer


    Kick-ass images!


    • Crafting images according to the crafting images process (CIP) as described by Process Design

    • Implementing client feedback

    • Helping other Visualizer in need

    • Wrapping up projects as defined by Process Design

    • Capturing and processing learnings after the project is done

    • Trying to make your node available during the night by closing unnecessary processes to reach 50% of free memory

    • Processing good content into the drop zone of the library


Maximum Visibility for Nightnurse Images

  • Visual Identity


    Unified look and feel for all communication


    • Implementing and maintaining the Corporate Design / Corporate Identity in all Nightnurse communication documents or channels and sharing the information with the relevant roles.

    • Evolving the Corporate Identity and Corporate Design

    • Creating a concept for profile pictures