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  • Nurse Admin


    All Nurses perfectly supported in legal, administrative and human ressources matters


    • Answering legal questions related to any Human Resources issues

    • Monitoring working hours and breaks according to Office Regulations and checking time-sheets

    • Reporting illness (if longer than 30 days) and accident cases to our insurance and informing Bookkeeper in case of refunds from the insurance

    • Updating Vertec settings for Nurses on every contract change

    • Archiving pay stubs and ensuring that pay stubs are sent

    • Reporting all contract changes monthly to Bookkeeper for the payroll

    • Organizing gifts for Nurses (e.g. for farewells, jubilees, birthdays, etc.)

  • Office Manager


    Well organized office


    • Updating address directory

    • Managing the cash to Office Manager

    • Archiving physical documents

  • On & Offboarder


    Smooth entering and exiting at Nightnurse


    • On-boarding and off-boarding Nightnurses (including the setup of their IT accounts and phone)

    • Announcing and coordinating farewells

    • Updating the recruiting pipeline on Notion after on & off boarding

    • Maintaining and documenting Nightnurse personnel information (e.g. Google Doc: NNI_13 Personal)

  • People Rep.


    Tensions relevant to process in the organization context channeled in and resolved on behalf of partners


    • Seeking to understand tensions conveyed by people and discerning those appropriate to process

    • Channeling in people Tensions

  • Talent Scout

    for for General Company Circle


    All the best talents on board


    • Creating job adds for hiring positions

    • Updating Recruiting Pipeline as new applications come in

    • Sending out first replys to new applications

    • Interviewing new potential talents

    • Evaluating applying talents and proposing them to Lead Links of affected circles and Contractor

  • Travel Booker


    Central organized travels


    • Organizing travels for partners and customers for business purpose