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  • Nurse Admin


    All Nurses perfectly supported in legal, administrative and human ressources matters


    • Answering legal questions related to any Human Resources issues

    • Monitoring working hours and breaks according to Office Regulations and checking time-sheets

    • Reporting illness (if longer than 30 days) and accident cases to our insurance and informing Bookkeeper in case of refunds from the insurance

    • Updating Vertec settings for Nurses on every contract change

    • Archiving pay stubs and ensuring that pay stubs are sent

    • Reporting all contract changes monthly to Bookkeeper for the payroll

    • Organizing gifts for Nurses (e.g. for farewells, jubilees, birthdays, etc.)

  • On & Offboarder


    Smooth entering and exiting at Nightnurse


    • On-boarding and off-boarding Nightnurses (including the setup of their IT accounts and phone)

    • Announcing and coordinating farewells

    • Updating the recruiting pipeline on Notion after on & off boarding

    • Maintaining and documenting Nightnurse personnel information (e.g. Google Doc: NNI_13 Personal)

  • People Rep.


    People tensions surfaced


    • Seeking to understand Tensions conveyed by People (that they maybe do not want to address or cannot resolve themselves or that affect more than one person in the team) and discerning those appropriate to process

    • Channeling in people Tensions

    • Preparing, organizing, holding and presenting 'State of the team' questionnaire

    • Bringing People Tensions in meetings on request

    • Initiating confidential talks with People

    • Being contact person for People issues and tensions

  • Talent Scout

    for for General Company Circle


    All the best talents on board


    • Creating job adds for hiring positions

    • Updating Recruiting Pipeline as new applications come in

    • Sending out first replys to new applications

    • Interviewing new potential talents

    • Evaluating applying talents and proposing them to Lead Links of affected circles and Contractor

  • Travel Booker


    Central organized travels


    • Organizing travels for partners and customers for business purpose