Sales & Marketing:

Accountability: Developing verbal guidelines for expressing the HolacracyOne brands
Filled By: Aimee Groth

Event Delivery:

Accountability: Monitoring training delivery for useful updates to training setup and design standards, and creating or updating relevant materials or guidelines to capture learnings
Filled By: Rebecca Brover

Event Delivery:

Accountability: Seeking, evaluating, negotiating and contracting venues for training events in line with strategies and guidelines defined by @Training_Business_Development and @Training_Design
Filled By: Yoad Rowner


Accountability: Updating official Tactical and Governance Meeting Cards to align with the current Holacracy Constitution release version and brand guidelines published by @Brand_Identity
Filled By: Olivier Compagne


Sales & Marketing:

For Domain: No Domain
Policy: No role may engage an external party to represent HolacracyOne or GlassFrog on public channels unless they: 1. Review all branding standards and guidelines with the external party 2. Review any posts or copy prior to publication


Brand Identity: 2022 Brand Guidelines (MVP)


Virtual Collisions:

Note: Slack recommends creating a "Slack room naming guidelines" document to keep names consistent and predictable, as described in Naming conventions for slack rooms: - Use dashes, not underscores, to separate words, for example "people-and-partnership" as opposed to "people_and_partnership". - If a room is especially important, you can prepend it with an underscore and it will float to the top of the list (because underscores come before any letter when sorted alphabetically). Use this sparingly, as it affecs everyone. Often, the "primary" channel for a circle will be prepended with an underscore, for example "_glassfrog" or "_people-and-partnership". (Don't fret about the mixture of underscores and dashes in the channel name, this is by design.) - For channels that have outside guests, follow this policy: The recommended way to do designate a channel for outside guests is to append "-og" to the end of the room name, for example "glassfrog-api-og". - When possible, prepend the name of a topic-specific channel with the name of the circle, for example "glassfrog-bugs" or "outreach-socialmedia". This will cause the channels for a given circle to sort more easily, and make them more easy to search for. - For channels related to PT's, please use the format pct-[description], as opposed to [description]-pct. This way, all the PT-focused slack channels will stay sorted in the list. (Description can be whatever you'd like; location, month, both, etc. Specifying the exact month/day/year might reduce ambiguity.) - For channels related to badges that are specific to a person, put "badges" or "badge-comp" or whatever the convention is first, and your name last. This way, all the related channels will stay sorted in the list.