Level 1: Certified Holacracy Facilitator

The Certified Holacracy Facilitator credential requires demonstrating significant knowledge of the constitution’s core rules and how to apply those rules effectively, plus demonstrating the capacity for real-time facilitation of a circle's governance and tactical meetings at a level of skill sufficient to allow a newly-practicing circle to keep the process and outputs aligned with the rules of the constitution. The certification lasts for 2 years, at which point the credential expires unless renewed under the then-current assessment process.

Level 2: Certified Holacracy Coach

The Certified Holacracy Coach credential requires the same skill demonstration as the prior certification, but at a level of skill and with a degree of coaching and explanation sufficient to lead a newly-practicing circle towards deeper understanding and effectiveness in their Holacracy practice. This certification expires at the end of each calendar year unless the coach meets a continuing education threshold required to keep the credential. Prior to 2017, to keep the credential the coach must have accumulated at least 40 hours of HolacracyOne-approved continuing education credits during that year. Effective for calendar year 2017 and beyond, to keep the credential the coach must have accumulated at least 40 hours of HolacracyOne-approved continuing education credits during that year and the prior year (i.e. the threshold must be met each year, but based on the prior two years on a rolling basis). Trainings and other activities completed before achieving the Coach certification still count for providing continuing education credit within the relevant period. The list of approved continuing education is here: https://app.glassfrog.com/roles/9746766/role_notes/18018.

Level 3: Certified Holacracy Master Coach

Holacracy Master Coach can succinctly share just the right wisdom to support someone in their Holacracy practice, with a nuanced, deep, and accurate understanding of the method. They can articulate new ways of understanding Holacracy to make it easier to practice, and generally advance the understanding of Holacracy in the world. They can innovate and apply successful coaching techniques; can masterfully facilitate and coach during tactical and governance meetings while deeply transmitting a powerful experience of Holacracy’s new paradigm; can comfortably coach even seasoned coaches and add nuance to their understanding and coaching practice.

A prospective Master Coach must submit the following in writing to Holacracy Ecosystem :
• A collection of writings or recordings the Candidate believes meet the badge criteria.
• A sign-off by three other coaches (with at least two Master Holacracy Coaches) they have clear and consistent evidence through direct interaction, that the applicant meets the criteria for Holacracy Master Coach.
This certification has the same expiration and renewal terms as the Certified Holacracy Coach credential above.
Note: Taken as reference from the Holacracy Badge Library (definitive source) available at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16o77NJYj5XA-Ctk2gGHiHM72A3lCKY_7vlfZiGVI8_0/edit#gid=0.

Created: Aug 31, 2017
Last Updated: Feb 18, 2019
Role: Credential-EO