To advance the August Mission of "A capable team for every meaningful mission"

  • Fulfilling duties as contained in Article 1, Section 4.1 of the August Constitution

  • Deciding with purpose: Using our Purpose as the primary decision making filter for all of your decisions, bring an ever questioning eye to whether or not our work, clients, and focus really fulfills our larger purpose, continually both support and push the status quo to help us evolve forward as a purpose driven business

  • Wellbeing: Promoting each other’s well-being and recognizing the importance of a healthy balance between the needs of the business and the personal life of its members

  • Organizing: Participating in, contributing to, and defining the way we organize and work; Identifying ways to address existing structural flaws and to the development of the larger cultural system via proposing new ideas, and working to improve existing systems; Representing the needs of the business through governance, elections, voting, summit etc

  • Driving: for awareness around power dynamics and biases that get in our way of functioning as a healthy system, hold team members accountable for the role they play within the system (including yourself), particularly those who hold “power” due to experience, tenure, gender or race, continually keep a pulse check on where members are and how their personal status syncs up/impacts the larger work environment for others

  • Developing: Contributing to the development of fellow individual team members via thoughtful, constructive feedback and continually improving yourself


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