PC & Mac Web Browsers:

- We target optimal support for the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.
- We target workable-only support for the latest version of Internet Explorer, and the prior major release of Firefox and Safari on a rolling basis (e.g. when Firefox 18 is launched, support is dropped entirely for Firefox 16, and 17 becomes "workable support" only with no need to optimize for it). "Workable support" means that all major functions of GlassFrog are accessible and usable, and using them from these browsers won't negatively impact data, but excludes convenience functions and optimizing for look/feel/usability (e.g. a normally-WYSIWYG policy editor could instead be just a text area that shows formatting as HTML, as long as the major function of editing policies is allowed somehow, and any existing formatting data isn't lost upon editing it from workable-support-only browsers).
- We do not support other platforms/browsers.


- We target workable support for the latest version of Safari on iPhone & iPad, and do not support other mobile browsers/platforms.


- We target support for a minimum resolution of 1280x768.

E-mail Browsers:

- We target support for the latest version of Mail on OSX & iPhone, plus Outlook 2010+.

Created: Apr 13, 2017
Last Updated: Apr 13, 2017
Role: Product Vision