Good decisions, timely action, and care regarding grievances at August

  • Alliebot Admin

  • Exit agreement and terms

  • Final decision on terminating a team member's employment

  • Investigation process administration (when triggered by a member)

  • Resolution process administration and agreement filing

  • Collecting and documenting all relevant data and details from all relevant parties when a grievance or violation is raised

  • Once brought in either through Conflict-Resolution Process or through filing a grievance: Deciding what actions need to be taken to resolve issues and ensuring that these actions are taken, including consulting August Advisory Board Members and other external perspectives when requested or deemed necessary for effective resolution

  • Clearly communicating and establishing a timeline for action on all final actions or decisions with relevant team member(s), and ensuring comprehensive communication to all stakeholders

  • Soliciting information from the local market HR/Ops, Legal and finance role-fillers and, if necessary, and seeking additional HR/Legal guidance, regarding any administrative and/or compliance needs

  • Conducting mediated conversations with the people involved, when asked, and/or directing to external mediation resources

  • Conducting final/termination conversations with the August team member if it is decided by the committee or the member that after all data provided (or when applicable, going through the conflict resolution process) that the team member will no longer remain at August

  • Conducting an exit interview after 2-4 weeks and sharing the lessons learned with the full August team (Exit Interview Guide:


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