Minimize the chance we’re saying ‘no’ to a candidate we should have said ‘yes’ to

  • Collecting evaluation info and feedback

  • Setting the candidate up for success

  • Proposing either to make offer or not

  • Closing

  • Conducting the 1st Interview

  • Confirming start date, inclusive of any Visa or other immigration items.

  • Scheduling and booking candidate travel

  • Designing and scheduling Chemistry test, including deciding which Gustos should attend, which Chemistry test (Part A or B) the candidate should take and answering any questions the candidate might have regarding the session

  • Attending the Chemistry test to gain critical key data to inform the proposal to make an offer and to act as a familiar face for the candidate

  • Preparing and sending offer letter (including benefits breakdown and relocation policy, if necessary) to candidate based on final decision with the support of Global Ops & Markets and Global Ops & Markets

  • Sending the first onboarding email (a Mixmax template) that initiates the handoff to the Onboarding Buddy

  • T7 Specific: Engaging and securing 2 new Board Members as prioritized by Board, alongside the person that has the relationship


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