Coach, accelerate learning and elevate New Team Member during their first 90 days at August

  • Making them feel welcome and involving them in the August cadence

  • Scheduling and facilitating mini-retros based on the Onboarding Check-in Cadence Policy (

  • Acting as an on-demand help-desk and cultural attaché

  • Introducing August Purpose, Vision, Direction, Structure, Values to New Team Member

  • Sending an email to New Team Member prior to their start date, introducing themselves as their Onboarding Buddy. Consider the following:
    - drafting the email using your own tone and language
    - GIFs are optional
    - include any housekeeping as you see fit
    - anything else that excites and sets New Team Member up for success

  • Creating the 4 onboarding Trello cards (using the templates: Pre-Start Date, Administration, 1:1 Learning Conversations, First 90 Day Ships) and tagging the necessary role fillers from Finance, NY Benefits & HRAdmin and Technology & Tools (2 people) to help complete the tasks

  • Creating the 'Pre-Onboarding Trello Card' no less than 2 weeks before the New Team Member start date

  • Supporting New Team Member to ship Trello cards

  • Updating the onboarding trello cards (removing and/or adding) with new things that you try and sharing out to the team

  • Facilitating a retrospective at the end of the onboarding process and propose edits to the onboarding process based on learnings


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