Steward and stabilize the Circle’s formal records and record-keeping process.

  • All constitutionally-required records of the Circle

  • Scheduling the Circle’s required meetings, and notifying all Core Circle Members of scheduled times and locations

  • Capturing and publishing the outputs of the Circle’s required meetings, and maintaining a compiled view of the Circle’s current Governance, checklist items, and metrics

  • Interpreting Governance and the Constitution upon request


  • Holacracy App:
    Download the free mobile Holacracy app, which includes the meeting processes, glossary, Constitution, and more. Download it to your phone or tablet from the
    Apple App store -
    Google Play Store -
    or Amazon Store -

    Tactical Meeting Preparation:
    1. Review your Next Actions by clicking the date of our previous meeting at (under Tactical Meeting History). Complete any unfinished actions.
    2. Review our Checklist at to see if you’ve completed the relevant actions for any of your roles this month. If not, do so.
    3. Review our Metrics at to see if your role will be presenting metrics at the upcoming meeting. If so, prepare them.
    4. Review our Project Board at Click on the little gear icon in the upper right corner of the board, and select “Group by Person” so that names appear before roles.
    Check the projects under your name, and consider what updates, if any, you’ll be bringing to the meeting.
    Consider if you have new projects to add in order to energize any of the roles you fill.
    Consider if any of your projects need a change of status (Current, Waiting, Done, Future can be selected from the icons on the colored tab of each project).
    5. In a trusted, easy to find, digital location, prepare a list of agenda items you want to bring to the tactical meeting. Make a few notes if needed to remind yourself what information you need or want to convey.
    6. Review the steps of the meeting at

    Governance Meeting Preparation:
    1. Review your Roles at click “My Roles” in the blue banner. When the new page loads, click “Show All”.
    Read the accountabilities of each of your roles and consider if any updates are needed. If so, make a note in your list of agenda items you want to bring to the governance meeting.
    If desired, pre-write any governance proposals you want to bring to the meeting. You can email them to the Secretary (Deborah) during the meeting so she can copy/paste them into our video interface for all to see.
    Think about what you’ve done since our last meeting. Have you acted within your roles? If not, consider whether you might want to propose a new role to capture activities you’ve undertaken outside formally defined roles.
    2. Review the Notes for various roles at
    Notes are helpful to direct other Trillium Operations Circle (TOC) or Trillium Teachers Circle (TTC) or community members to better understand processes or obtain information for which your role is accountable.
    Consider if you’d like to add Notes for any of the roles you fill.
    To add Notes for a role you fill, go to the role, and look for “Published Information” at the bottom of the role page. Click on the “+Note” link to open a field into which you can type notes.
    3. Review the steps of the meeting at
    4. To see Brian Robertson, the founder of Holacracy, conducting a simulated governance meeting, go to It’s a terrific teaching on Holacracy in general.

  • To add information pertaining to your role in GlassFrog, take these steps:
    Go to and log in.
    If you can't log in, email Deborah for assistance.
    Once you are logged in, double click on the role you fill that you want to publish a note for.
    Do not publish notes for other role fillers in their roles.
    Scroll down to the "Published Information" area.
    You will see a link "+ note" - click on it.
    This opens a title field ("Title") and text box ("Note").
    Give your note an easy to understand title.
    In the "Note" area, type (or copy/paste) in your note.
    You can include any links - GlassFrog will make them live.

    To edit a note you have saved, hover your mouse over its title, and you'll see a little icon of pencil and paper appear (next to a trash can icon).
    Click the pencil and paper and you'll be able to edit your text.

    To delete a note you have saved, however your mouse over its title, and you'll see a little icon of a trash can.
    Click the trash can to delete your note.

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