Coalesce and propagate the spirit of the Trillium path

  • Role assignments within the Circle

  • Structuring the Governance of the Circle to enact its Purpose and Accountabilities

  • Assigning Partners to the Circle’s Roles; monitoring the fit; offering feedback to enhance fit; and re-assigning Roles to other Partners when useful for enhancing fit

  • Allocating the Circle’s resources across its various Projects and/or Roles

  • Establishing priorities and Strategies for the Circle

  • Defining metrics for the circle

  • Removing constraints within the Circle to the Super-Circle enacting its Purpose and Accountabilities


  • 1. Lead Link* Interviews a prospective role-filler to find what they currently know about Holacracy and the role itself; ascertains they have adequate background/training for the role and can manage our current meeting times.

    2. LL invites the candidate to read and/or watch the Holacracy materials Holcacracy Mentor** has linked to at

    3. HM checks with the candidate after he or she has done so to hear comments and answer questions. HM sends a summary of that conversation to LL.

    4. LL invites the candidate to attend our next meeting to get a feel for how it works in practice.

    5. After the candidate has attended an OC meeting HM will arrange to meet again to answer any remaining Holacracy-related questions or concerns. HM sends a summary of that conversation to LL.

    6. LL considers all data accumulated and makes a final decision as to the candidate’s fit for circle membership.

    *current Lead Link is Sharon Gilbert at
    **current Holacracy Mentor is Deborah Boyar at

  • This role requires discrimination and a sense of the pulse of the whole of our work.
    The Lead Link is tasked to
    1) represent the needs of the larger Teacher Circle and if necessary bring them to the Operating Circle;
    2) determine, within the Operating Circle, the right person to support the roles engendered through the governance process;
    3), recruit new Circle members as needed; and
    4) approve expenditures.