Offering what we can. Continuous customer and community attraction.

  • Facebook Page Administrator Account

  • Structure & Process E-Mail Signature (1 policy)

  • developing and maintaining key marketing messages for the organisation

  • producing the Structure & Process eMail Newsletter

  • updating and maintaining the Structure & Process Facebook page

  • updating and maintaining the Structure & Process Website & Blog

  • sensing and processing tensions related to the organisation's public use of language and words

  • reviewing incoming comments and pings on Wordpress and processing them accordingly

  • tending to the representation of the team and community in company media, incl. updating the "About Us" page on the company website

  • maintaining and updating the list of organizations running on Holacracy (

  • maintaining a list of open invitations to teach

  • updating the S&P community on company events, and events with S&P partner or community member participation; incl. updating the "events with our participation" widget on the company homepage

  • reviewing new newsletter signups and deleting spam signups regularly

  • gathering references from clients

  • following up with partner meeting and seminar participants

  • reviewing and updating the company's presence in the Holacracy Coach Marketplace

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