new partners and community members ready to fully apply their power

  • Company Guidebook Document

  • Definition of "Onboarder" Status

  • assisting new partners in joining and effectively working in the organisation

  • defining what an "Onboarder" is and the steps needed to become a fully onboarded partner

  • developing a checklist of standard steps needed for Onboarders to come fully on board

  • inviting Onboarders to start actions, projects or conversations that serve to complete the Onboarding checklist

  • checking in with Onboarders to evaluate progress

  • introducing guests (e.g. at partner meetings) to the organisation's culture & processes, and assisting them in making the most of their stay

  • updating and developing the company guidebook (a helpful resource for partners starting in the company)

  • checking in with partners on time-limited partnership contract re: extension of their partnership

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