EE Magazine expresses EE's evolutionary purpose with engaging and easy to read content.

  • Stewarding the development of and securing inspiring content for the Magazine and seeing that it gets published

  • Identifying and collecting potential content and sources of content

  • Getting agreements with others for writing content for the Magazine, either ongoingly or one-off

  • Adding to and using the Content List document to maintain steady flow of new content for the Magazine

  • Sourcing, storing, and annotating photos for stories

  • Working with writers to improve and amend their story, before it is given to Writing Quality Amplifier

  • Approving articles for publishing and turning their status in Wordpress to “Published”

  • Moderating incoming comments on published articles

  • Developing an editorial concept (or thematic emphasis) of each Magazine issue

  • Selecting the articles to be included in every section of each Magazine Highlights mailing according to criteria of potential interest, balance among different organizations and methods, and other criteria

  • Providing MailChimp Champ with all the relevant content (including links to each article, and including teasers for each article and introduction to the mailing written by Strategic Writer and ending items) and desired layout for each emailed Magazine Highlights, in a timely manner for the mailing schedule

  • Proofreading and verifying that the Magazine Highlights to be emailed is displayed in the email according to layout agreed on with MailChimp Champ

  • Providing Strategic Writer with links to articles selected for each Highlights mailing so that teasers can be generated

  • Determining the schedule for production steps for each mailing, maintaining a guide for such production accessible to all Partners in the EE Private folder for this role, and alerting all relevant role-energizers (such as Writing Quality Amplifier, Strategic Writer, MailChimp Champ) about latest anticipated timetable for each cycle's Highlights production and mailing, for optimal coordination to meet planned mailing date

  • Providing Social Media Coordinator with list of top articles to begin social media promotion upon the final published article in each Magazine cycle


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