Information technology that suits the purpose, is useful, beautiful and safe. Users supported in using said technology.

  • Access of outside services to company software systems (e.g. Wordpress, Slack, Trello)

  • Admin / Owner Account in Mailchimp

  • Dropbox owner account

  • Glassfrog Administrator Account

  • Slack Primary Owner and Administrator Accounts for Structure & Process

  • Wordpress Admin account

  • Technical backend of including domain settings, web and e-mail server

  • Trello Administrator Access for Structure & Process

  • defining file formats to be used for shared documents

  • maintaining a list of software requirements for partners

  • setting up partners with accounts on company tools as needed, e.g. when onboarding

  • removing partners from accounts on company tools as needed, e.g. when offboarding

  • researching software tools

  • updating and maintaining company software tools including Wordpress, monitoring external information sources and interfacing with suppliers and collaborators as needed

  • training partners in the use of software, when requested by the partner or Onboarding

  • supporting partners in the use of software tools

  • performing backups of company software systems and data

  • performing regular backups of consulting documentation and materials, such as the consulting Trello-Board and -Dropbox

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