The practice of some mutuality circles has been to begin each gathering with an opening statement, or invocation, that sets the tone and reminds them of their deeper purpose in gathering.

As a sample, the Ashland, Oregon mutuality circle used the following opening statement for several years when they first began meeting. The statement was written by Bob Valine in 2009, and is offered here as a model, with his permission. Bob is also the author and editor of “The Second Birth: Stories of Awakening within the Heart of Community,” and “Dancing in the Fire”

Welcome to our Trillium Awakening Peer Circle. Our purpose in coming together is to offer support for each other as we experience the stages of the awakening process and the integration, healing, self-exploration and growth that follow.

Everything that is shared in this circle is confidential, including the names of those who come to Trillium Awakening.

We are not here to "fix," change, offer advice or intellectualize. We are here in our hearts for each other, and for ourselves. We are here to greenlight what is rising in the moment, however painful or joyful, honoring the individual process of the mystery that we are.

Feedback can be silence, a smile or a tear. A few words can say more than many syllables. We offer each other compassion, acknowledgment, holding. We honor where every individual is in their process. That is where they need to be. When giving feedback we don’t talk about ourselves, our experiences; we focus on the person sharing.

If something is rising in you that needs to be spoken about yourself, speak. If not, your silence is also a gift. Please remember that we have a limited time, and there is no need for everyone to share.
Before speaking be sure that whoever is sharing is finished. There may be a need for silence and a few moments for that person’s process to deepen.

Be yourself. There is no right or wrong way. Sometimes when we don’t know what we’re doing, the unexpected blessings happen.

We do mutual gazing at the beginning of our time together. It can also be done in our closing circle. Gazing is sharing ourselves with the other. It is also a way to see ourselves. There is no right or wrong way to do it. There may be times when you don’t want to gaze. That also is a sharing of yourself. In gazing there’s a transmission that can activate the awakening and deepening process.
Be aware that Trillium Awakening is a powerful process that can take us into unchartered and challenging parts of ourselves. Working with teachers, mentors and, as appropriate, a therapist is highly recommended.


Created: Dec 3, 2014
Last Updated: Jun 22, 2018
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