Definition: Someone who supports a local Trillium Awakening mutuality or peer circle, usually in an area that does not have a local teacher, by inviting people interested in TA to gather together for this purpose at a certain time and place.

Who can be a TA Mutuality Circle Host: ideally someone who has some depth of experience with Trillium Awakening, who works well in mutuality with others, and who has a good working relationship with a teacher or teachers who can help support the circle as needed.

In order to be a certified Trillium Awakening Peer Circle, and to be listed as such on the website, hosts must talk to the Mutuality Circle Link regarding the required guidelines, and agree in writing to uphold those guidelines.

Hosting Tasks:
• Hosts Mutuality Circles on a regular schedule.
• Shares the “Guidelines for Mutuality” handout with all participants, and keeps clear boundaries about not acting as a teacher or mentor for the group.
• Maintains an email list to inform members of dates and times of the Circles and any other events the group may wish to create.
• Keeps Trillium Awakening Web-Based Materials Manager, and area and regional coordinators informed about their mutuality groups, their schedules, and whether they are open or closed to new members.
• Helps group members stay focused on Trillium Awakening dharma through recommended books, essays, videos, and other TA materials and courses available through the website and individual teacher sites.
• Strongly recommends that participants establish a support team that includes a personal teacher of Trillium Awakening, a mentor, and a therapist as needed.
• Is familiar with the website and the many essays, recordings, and videos available there for deepening personal exposure to Trillium Awakening teachers and Trillium Awakening organizing principles, or dharma.
• Regularly invites teachers to participate with the group in some fashion, either in person or through a medium such as Skype, or telephone conference call.

• As an organizer, coordinator, or mutuality circle host, please be willing to learn about and practice mutuality in new and deeper ways.
• Expect issues to arise in all relationships and be willing to stay present, deeply listen to others, allow their feelings to impact you, and validate their reality.
• Take responsibility for your limits and mistakes.
• If you have difficulty working things out with anyone involved, seek assistance from Trillium Awakening teachers.
• When you step into a position of leadership in this work (including all the roles mentioned above), you will tend to be viewed by other participants as a model of mutuality.
• You can’t be perfect, but you can be willing to be vulnerable by opening yourself to feelings, feedback, and guidance.
• When mutuality trainings are made available, please participate.
• It takes time and willingness to learn how to live in mutuality, but it’s one of the greatest treasures—and a main draw—of this work, because it yields deeply fulfilling, trustable connections.
• Leading others by example in this department will bring the most rewarding results in our outreach efforts.

Organizers, coordinators, and hosts are not teachers or mentors (unless they are) and should avoid the temptation to fall into a counseling role with participants. They should also watch out for any tendency to interpret Trillium Awakening dharma for others.

Please refer participants to their teachers and mentors for counseling, and assistance with interpretation, as participants find their unique way into Trillium Awakening.
Being listed on the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle (TATC) resource list indicates being in good standing with the TATC.

Created: Sep 9, 2014
Last Updated: Nov 14, 2018
Role: Mutuality Circle Link