April 16, 2015
Mutuality Circle Definitions and Guidelines

In Trillium Awakening (TA), a gathering of participants may be teacher-led or peer-based. A teacher-led group is generally referred to as a “Sitting.” Peer-based groups have called themselves “Mutuality Circles”, or “Peer Circles.” The primary distinction is the presence of a Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle (TATC) teacher. The guidelines may be slightly different when a TA teacher is present to guide the gathering.

A Teacher Sitting or a Peer Circle gathering may meet in person, via telephone conference, or with the aid of video-based web platforms.

Peer-based Trillium Awakening mutuality circles are formed of members of the TA community at large. There is frequently someone in each group who volunteers to organize the group and act as host, and/or moderator for the meetings. Some groups share these roles among individual members, even rotating the roles of host, organizer, moderator, etc. As these are gatherings of equals it can be useful (though not required) to include as many members as are willing and interested in taking responsibility with tasks that help the group function, and remain aligned with the spirit of Trillium Awakening.

Peer group organizers agree to adhere to the published Trillium Awakening Mutuality Circle Host Guidelines. (see below)

In order to qualify as a Trillium Awakening Peer Group in good standing, all members of the group must fulfill certain prerequisites. Membership prerequisites include:

1) Regular sessions or sittings with a Trillium Awakening Teacher.
2) Completion of a Trillium Awakening introductory course OR attendance at one or more Trillium Awakening teacher-led workshops.
3) In addition, all members agree to familiarize themselves with, and follow, our Guidelines for Practicing Mutuality.
It can be useful to reread these guidelines from time to time. You’ll find that depth of understanding increases as you grow in the work.

In order for peer-based Trillium Awakening mutuality circle to be listed on the TrilliumAwakening.org website, and be announced via TA mailing lists, all members must fulfill the prerequisites, and agree to follow the guidelines.

Teacher-led sittings are formed of members of the Trillium Awakening community under the guidance of an active Trillium Teachers Circle teacher. With a teacher in this role the prerequisites for membership and listing are more relaxed. All members are still encouraged to become familiar with and follow our Guidelines for Trillium Awakening Mutuality Groups, and to explore the many expressions of Trillium Awakening through reading, videos, and engagement in private sessions with teachers and mentors, when they are able.

Created: Aug 14, 2014
Last Updated: Jul 25, 2018
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