As a Role seeking to grant someone Partner status, you must first make a proposal to do so to all Partnership Assessor 's, and that proposal must include a Class P Unit grant (or equivalent monthly payment for contractors acting as a Partner) that corresponds to a tier in the compensation system defined by Compensation Architect. You may not offer or execute such a partnership grant until all Partnership Assessor 's have had the opportunity to consider this proposal and interview the candidate to their reasonable satisfaction, and even then only if (a) at least one Partnership Assessor advocates for the specific grant proposed, and (b) the total number of Partnership Assessor 's who advocate for the grant is greater than the number who advocate against it, with neutral votes ignored. You may only enact any new partnership grant so authorized using a template agreement published by Partner Agreement Steward, and all changes or customizations you make to that agreement must be explicitly allowed by the template or approved by Partner Agreement Steward.

Created: May 4, 2015
Last Updated: Jun 25, 2018
Affects Domain: Partner Relationships