Purpose: Attract interest with a compelling and authentic brand narrative; connect our target audience with Holacracy products and services that are relevant and useful to them
  • Aficionado




    • Giving interviews with Storyteller, contracted writers, and academic researchers

    • Reviewing and editing ghost-written blog posts to ensure they accurately reflect Aficionado's voice

Purpose: World class stewards and stewarding of the Holacracy brand
  • Assessment Design




    • Assessments for Holacracy certification

    • Process for sharing assessment results


    • Designing and evolving Holacracy certification assessments and any pre-requisites, and integrating tensions expressed by General Company Circle and Assessor around each assessment

    • Implementing Holacracy certification assessments into a format that can be used by end users

    • Offering feedback to Assessor as needed

    • Onboarding new people to Assessor

  • Assessor

    for Assessor A, Assessor B


    Assessments which create clear distinctions between defined certification levels and a high quality standard for certifications while facilitating deep learning in the assessments


    • Reviewing and scoring candidate submissions and/or performance of the assessments

    • Offering feedback to assessment candidates in order to support their learning, according to the process developed by Assessment Design

    • Sharing scoring details with Assessor and Assessment Design upon request, including the reasoning behind each scoring

    • Notifying Certification Administrator promptly after blocking a calendar slot (e.g. for scheduling another meeting, taking a day off, etc.) that conflicts with an already-scheduled Facilitation Assessment session

  • Holacracy-Compatible Curator


    Holacracy-compatible services & "apps" can be easily shared with the community


    • Developing and evolving a standard process for service providers to share their Holacracy-compatible services that support practice (e.g. cultural development, self-leadership development, etc.)

    • Developing and maintaining a community-driven "app store" for sharing Holacracy-compatible apps

  • Survey Designer


    Succinct surveys that maximize visibility into clients' satisfaction with Holacracy and the effectiveness of its implementation


    • Developing and evolving survey(s) to evaluate clients' satisfaction with Holacracy and the effectiveness of its implementation, and integrating Objections from Provider Cross Links before releasing updates to those surveys

    • Collecting, storing, and reporting to the Circle the survey results from Providers' clients

Purpose: Healthy partners, healthy tribe, healthy collisions
  • Comp Badger

    for Holacracy Coaching Pathways


    Suffer through the comp system, so others don't have to


    • Defining common progression pathways for H1 partners by defining a series of increasingly valued badges for skill profiles the organization needs, and all needed pre-requisites for each

  • Partner Partner

    for Kallie


    A helping hand for partners


    • Answering questions from Partners about Holacracy, the company's activities, the partnership, and how all of these work together

    • Talking with Partners upon request to help them build perspective on tension processing pathways including differentiating tensions best processed personally versus organizationally

    • Supporting Partners to find a professional development path in the partnership upon request

    • Initiating conversations with new Partners to provide thought-partnership on their transition into the company

    • Documenting completed tasks on the new Partners onboarding checklist as defined by Courtship and Onboarding Process

Purpose: Evolve humanity’s relationship to power
  • Design Services


    Awesome design, as a service


    • Designing, creating, and evolving visuals, presentations, and multimedia tools in alignment with Brand Visual Design guidelines on request of other roles

    • Providing image source for Licensed Materials

    • Sourcing and selecting multimedia elements required for presentations of other roles

    • Maintaining a repository of multimedia assets that HolacracyOne has secured rights to use

  • Support Product Designer




    • Developing and evolving stand-alone tools, materials, and printed products that support Holacracy practice, and aligning their design with brand standards published by Outreach upon request from Support Product Analyzer

    • Defining platforms and processes for version control of support tools and materials

    • Communicating major tool & materials changes to internal stakeholders, as well as to Outreach, to improve messaging and marketing efforts

  • Whole Product Manager


    Reveal the Whole Product landscape around the core Holacracy framework


    • Identifying and mapping the functions needed in a Whole Product organizational system built around Holacracy

    • Cataloging good Holacracy-compatible options available for each needed organizational function after one has proven effective in a Holacracy-powered organization, and highlighting gaps where good options are not yet available for a needed function

    • Harvesting useful apps from HolacracyOne's governance and publishing them to the Holacracy app store

Purpose: Transformative trainings that transmit Holacracy and catalyze the capacities it requires
  • Facilitator Coach

    for Specific Trainings


    Holacracy practice role-modeled during trainings


    • Facilitating tactical and governance meetings at trainings

    • Coaching participants during facilitation practice at trainings

    • Setting up and breaking down the room at the direction of Training Support

    • Listening to modules during the training to prepare to facilitate

    • Following the direction of any training delivery roles to support the training, including promptly directing participants to the next activity when requested

    • Playing 'the world' during simulation work time at practitioner trainings by following the guidance documented by Training Design

    • Assisting Training Support with logistical and tactical triage throughout the training

  • Simulation Smith


    Powerful simulations for @Training_Design and @Trainer


  • Training Design

    for Coach Training


    Enable deep transmission through awesome programs and materials


    • Designing and evolving packaged training and workshop offerings that develop the capacities required to introduce, practice, and coach Holacracy effectively

    • Defining and evolving training and Taster environment, room setup, and logistical needs for each training offering

    • Designing outlines and high-level specs for slides, simulations, and other support materials needed for training and intro offerings

    • Soliciting input and reviewing updates from trainers delivering designed offerings, and evaluating potential changes to templates given that feedback

    • Defining and publishing guidance about the role of coaches so that Lead Coach can orient coaches and direct them throughout the training and producing related materials

    • Maintaining a list of training and intro materials needed, including links to current versions and anticipated update timeline

    • Defining and publishing a definitive source of pre-requisites for trainings

    • Triggering Training Operations when updated materials are ready for production

Purpose: A well executed forum to bring together practitioners of Holacracy to exchange information, ideas, and best practices for mutual benefit
  • Forum Moderator


    Participants well-held and energy maintained throughout the Forum


    • Introducing speakers and events

    • Informing participants about content, presentations, transitions, venue and other relevant information

    • Reviewing Forum content design in advance of the event, and offering input

    • Preparing questions for panel presentations and sending them to panelists prior to the Forum

    • Coordinating meetings with panelists prior to the Forum to prepare for presentations

    • Integrating input from Forum Content and Design on all aspects of panel presentations

Purpose: Partners connecting in real time and real space
  • General Half Hill Officer

    for backup




    • Overseeing mail pickup and deliveries

    • Opening and reviewing all mail related to property and house services and passing on to appropriate roles

    • Checking on supplies at the house upon request of other roles

  • House Host




    • Scheduling and meeting vendors at the request of appropriate roles

  • Pool House Host

    for for transition to Karilen


    Well kept and inviting pool house


    • Triaging any maintenance issues

    • Monitoring water quality and levels, and adjusting as appropriate

    • Creating a pool house operational checklist

    • Procuring furniture and equipment for the pool house

  • Recurring Bills

    for transition to Erlich, Trash, PECO




    • Securing authorization for, reviewing, paying and tracking recurring house bills needed for the regular maintenance and operations of the house

    • Maintaining a centralized, aggregated record of expenses related to the Half Hill property

Purpose: Enable and accelerate self-organization through software; make it so easy that anyone can do it
  • Habit Support Program Design


    Behavior change support for sustainable self organization


    • Designing and evolving a behavior change support program

    • Writing content for Habit Support Program

  • Office Hours Coach


    To provide expert Holacracy coaching to Premium GlassFrog customers during the office hours


Purpose: Organizations pursuing their purpose through stable self-organization
  • Holacracy Coach


    Client practitioners that understand and can apply Holacracy


    • Facilitating virtual and in-person governance and tactical meetings assigned by Engagement Lead or scheduled by Engagement Operations

    • Reporting all client billable activity in a timely manner

    • Maintaining basic competencies in Holacracy Coaching Services 's virtual meetings support tools

    • Coaching client circle members on Holacracy rules and effective practice as-needed during governance and tactical meetings, or when triggered by a process defined by Delivery Systems

    • Raising objections and helping clients integrate them whenever clients propose clearly invalid governance, or, when that is not advisable, providing follow up coaching to clients along with suggested improvements post-meeting, and sharing that coaching with other relevant coaches

    • Recording client meetings as requested by Engagement Operations

    • Soliciting regular coaching from another Holacracy Coach or Master Coach throughout the duration of an active engagement

    • Summarizing key developments about client services for Engagement Lead after each deliverable, or upon request

    • Delivering presentations, coaching services, and workshops following the triggers and other implementation methods defined by Coaching Methods

    • Reviewing survey results after delivering services and processing for improvement opportunities

    • Including references to relevant habits from the Habit Support Program wherever possible and appropriate when facilitating meetings and delivering workshops and other coaching services.