Purpose: High quality & easy to find Holacracy content & tools that make practice easier for novices & experts alike
  • CoP Vision


    A peer-to-peer community for practitioners to share with each other and contribute


    • Developing, publishing, and evolving a vision and feature requirements for the Community of Practice

    • Defining a pricing model for the Community of Practice

    • Defining new content offerings for the Community of Practice

  • Platform Researcher


    Holacracy Resources are hosted on platforms that encourage participation, integrate well with other systems, and support the needs of learners


    • Researching and evaluating platforms and technical tools for supporting content generated or supported by Holacracy Resources

Purpose: Attract interest with a compelling and authentic brand narrative; connect our target audience with Holacracy products and services that are relevant and useful to them
  • Marketing Maven

    for Consulting Services


    Help the world to know and love HolacracyOne's products and services


    • Gathering "news" from internal roles that's relevant and useful for our target market, such as GlassFrog feature updates, training events, and major initiatives/changes

    • Creating and maintaining a process for publicizing particular HolacracyOne products or services

    • Crafting communications tailored to the interest of our customer segments

    • Researching and maintaining a list of groups, locations, and platforms outside of HolacracyOne and GlassFrog appropriate for spreading the word about our services

  • Marketing Strategy


    Strategize once so everyone doesn't have to


    • Developing a marketing strategy for HolacracyOne that includes guidance about which markets to target with which value proposition

    • Developing an executable marketing plan for HolacracyOne that includes guidance about what messages to send, to which customers, through which channels, at what stage in their journey, with what frequency

  • Online Advertising


    Effective online advertising is easy


    • Helping to draft and evaluate advertising campaigns upon request

    • Setting up and running advertising campaigns upon request

    • Tracking and reporting on the performance of advertising campaigns

  • Sales & Marketing Systems


    Elegant Sales & Marketing tools integrated for success


    • HolacracyOne's mailing list management software


    • Implementing and maintaining the tool stack to support effective marketing for HolacracyOne products, services, and roles

    • Measuring and tracking the marketing funnel and sharing metrics upon request

    • Triaging requests for removal from email lists and tracking unsubscribe data

    • Creating and maintaining a centralized contact list of Holacracy-interested parties for use in marketing campaigns and event promotion

    • Creating segmented lists as requested by Marketing Maven

    • Setting up, maintaining, and administering
      • a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for storing useful customer and lead data
      • a system for processing Holacracy Advisor proposals and contracts
      • booking links and routing for the scheduling of Holacracy Advisor
      • platforms to support the scheduling and delivery of certification assessments

    • Providing sales support toolset for Holacracy Advisor

    • Soliciting and integrating input from Holacracy Advisor on CRM needs

Purpose: Clear and sexy websites for Holacracy, HolacracyOne, and GlassFrog that align with strategic brand guidance
  • Web Admin


    Websites configured for H1 needs


    • Administering the organization's websites (e.g. user management, redirects, settings)

    • Tracking and reporting website metrics