Purpose: Evolve humanity’s relationship to power
  • Outreach


    Attract interest with a compelling and authentic brand narrative; connect our target audience with Holacracy products and services that are relevant and useful to them


    • glassfrog.com public-facing (non-app) website

    • Holacracy, HolacracyOne, and GlassFrog visual branding

    • HolacracyOne's general-interest mailing lists

    • Official Holacracy, HolacracyOne and GlassFrog-branded social media accounts and pages

    • The holacracy.org domain & website

    • The official list of Holacracy-branded domain names, websites, and other publicly accessible online spaces


    • Developing and maintaining the website for Holacracy, HolacracyOne and GlassFrog; including permanent links to specific versions and sections of the Holacracy Constitution

    • Defining HolacracyOne's overall marketing strategy and executing on its marketing and promotion plan

    • Distilling and capturing cohesive strategic guidance for the expression, conveyance, and protection of the Holacracy brand by relevant roles, and integrating Objections from all General Company Circle roles before enacting major proposed changes to this guidance

    • Naming market offerings that carry the Holacracy brand

    • Administering DNS records for non-GlassFrog App domain names requested by any role, and announcing changes that would impact the uptime or configuration of the company's websites

    • Publishing a profile page for each licensee on holacracy.org, including a list of badges each licensee has earned and not yet earned as defined by Holacracy Ecosystem

    • Monitoring the public discourse on Holacracy and external publications mentioning Holacracy

    • Tracking interactions with leads in the CRM

    • Leveraging client successes and offers into new opportunities

    • Selling coaching and training services

    • Populating and updating the Holacracy Community of Practice with information that is relevant and exciting for Holacracy practitioners and providers

Purpose: Attract interest with a compelling and authentic brand narrative; connect our target audience with Holacracy products and services that are relevant and useful to them
  • Interlocutor


    Getting the best out of @Webinar_Presenter


    • Taking part in recorded dialogues, webinars and other Intro events

    • Refining the event framework created by Intro Event Business Manager to best match the topic, presenter and audience.

  • Lead Link


    Attract interest with a compelling and authentic brand narrative; connect our target audience with Holacracy products and services that are relevant and useful to them


    • Role assignments within the Circle


    • Structuring the Governance of the Circle to enact its Purpose and Accountabilities

    • Assigning Partners to the Circle’s Roles; monitoring the fit; offering feedback to enhance fit; and re-assigning Roles to other Partners when useful for enhancing fit

    • Allocating the Circle’s resources across its various Projects and/or Roles

    • Establishing priorities and Strategies for the Circle

    • Defining metrics for the circle

    • Removing constraints within the Circle to the Super-Circle enacting its Purpose and Accountabilities

  • Marketing Maven

    for Consulting Services


    Help the world to know and love HolacracyOne's products and services


    • Gathering "news" from internal roles that's relevant and useful for our target market, such as GlassFrog feature updates, training events, and major initiatives/changes

    • Creating and maintaining a process for publicizing particular HolacracyOne products or services

    • Crafting communications tailored to the interest of our customer segments

    • Researching and maintaining a list of groups, locations, and platforms outside of HolacracyOne and GlassFrog appropriate for spreading the word about our services

  • Marketing Strategy


    Strategize once so everyone doesn't have to


    • Developing a marketing strategy for HolacracyOne that includes guidance about which markets to target with which value proposition

    • Developing an executable marketing plan for HolacracyOne that includes guidance about what messages to send, to which customers, through which channels, at what stage in their journey, with what frequency

  • Online Advertising

    for transition


    Effective online advertising is easy


    • Helping to draft and evaluate advertising campaigns upon request

    • Setting up and running advertising campaigns upon request

    • Tracking and reporting on the performance of advertising campaigns

  • Sales & Marketing Systems


    Elegant Sales & Marketing tools integrated for success


    • Administration of HolacracyOne's mailing list management software


    • Implementing and maintaining the tool stack to support effective marketing for HolacracyOne products and services.

    • Measuring and tracking the marketing funnel and sharing metrics upon request

    • Triaging requests for removal from email lists and tracking unsubscribe data

    • Creating and maintaining a centralized contact list of Holacracy-interested parties for use in marketing campaigns and event promotion

    • Creating segmented lists as requested by Marketing Maven

    • Setting up, maintaining, and administering
      • a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for storing useful customer and lead data
      • a system for processing Holacracy Advisor proposals and contracts
      • booking links and routing for the scheduling of Holacracy Advisor
      • platforms to support the scheduling and delivery of certification assessments

    • Providing sales support toolset for Holacracy Advisor

    • Soliciting and integrating input from Holacracy Advisor on CRM needs

  • Storyteller

    for Content Marketing


    Holacracy's brand identity is translated into powerful written stories


    • Drafting content on Holacracy-related topics - including stories and case-studies - in alignment with brand guidance

    • Reviewing draft written content and providing critique and feedback on request from other Outreach roles

    • Ghostwriting for Holacracy Spokesperson, including distilling audio recordings and interviews into written posts that reflect Holacracy Spokesperson's thoughts and voice

    • Creating a process for capturing, in an ongoing way, quotes, testimonials, and stories about Holacracy and HolacracyOne services

    • Creating and updating a centralized database of quotes, testimonials, and stories about Holacracy and HolacracyOne that is available to all HolacracyOne roles

    • Proactively offering suggestions for fresh practitioner perspectives to roles managing website or marketing content

Purpose: Clear and sexy websites for Holacracy, HolacracyOne, and GlassFrog that align with strategic brand guidance
  • Facilitator


    Circle governance and operational practices aligned with the Constitution.


    • Facilitating the Circle’s constitutionally-required meetings

    • Auditing the meetings and records of Sub-Circles as needed, and declaring a Process Breakdown upon discovering a pattern of behavior that conflicts with the rules of the Constitution

  • Web Admin


    Websites configured for H1 needs


    • Administering the organization's websites (e.g. user management, redirects, settings)

    • Tracking and reporting website metrics

Purpose: High quality & easy to find Holacracy content & tools that make practice easier for novices & experts alike
  • CoP Engineer

    for For new platform


    Flawless tech setup that supports the CoP and its offerings


    • CoP platform infrastructure


    • Developing and evolving an online platform to support the Community of Practice, its vision and feature requirements as defined by CoP Vision

    • Triaging and resolving technical issues with the Community of Practice platform

    • Selecting and configuring the needed platforms for CoP live online offerings

  • CoP Vision


    A peer-to-peer community for practitioners to share with each other and contribute


  • Resources Systems


    Elegant Tools and Technical Systems to support Resources Circle


    • Researching and evaluating platforms and technical tools for supporting content generated or supported by Holacracy Resources

    • Providing technical support to roles within the Resources circle upon request