Purpose: Competencies for the Journey from Duality to Entirety
  • Association Context

    for until March 23, 2019


    Purpose aligned Association Members/Partners for the Organization


    • Aligning the needs of the Association context with the needs of the Organization

Purpose: Competencies for the Journey from Duality to Entirety
  • Brand Steward


    A world that knows and loves the brand


    • Developing and maintaining a compelling brand

    • Developing and maintaining guidelines for the expression of the brand in visual design and content creation

  • Communication Crafter


    Compelling brand communication that inspires the international target group


    • Developing content for website, social media, newsletter, blog and other written communication with EaW's target groups

    • Integrating guidelines as defined by Brand Steward

    • Integrating information regarding products and services as defined by Content and Practice Guide

    • Defining and executing an overall brand communication strategy

  • Editor


    Written communication that engages and clarifies


    • Proofreading written communications for errors and syntax

    • Providing suggested revisions for increased clarity of message to the intended purpose and audience

    • Providing suggested revisions to make communication more expressive of the native speaker

  • Promotion


    A world that is informed and inspired by EaW's content and offerings through all possible promotion channels


    • Designing and updating the website

    • Designing and handling the newsletter

    • Identifying and utilizing new channels for promotion

    • Placing content on website and in newsletter as defined by Communication Crafter

    • Producing promotional material (e.g. videos, audio recordings)

    • Coordinating promotional activities with Social Media

    • Triggering Social Media when new promotional material is available

    • Gathering "news" from internal roles that's relevant and useful for our target market

    • Researching and maintaining a list of groups, locations, and platforms appropriate for spreading the word about our products and services

  • Visuals


    Expressive visual that attract the target markets


    • Creating all visuals needed that support the brand and promotion (social media postings, handouts, event announcements, slides, etc.)