Purpose: beautiful work
  • Front Desk


    friendly, helpful, reliable response to incoming messages


    • info@structureprocess.com email account: decision where the address forwards to

    • info@structureprocess.com email account: policies on responses sent to messages incoming here


    • responding to emails coming in at info@structureprocess.com or forwarding them to appropriate roles

    • responding to new newsletter signups by inquiring about needs or offering assistance

  • Registrations


    contact point for participants and clarity for organisers


    • tracking registrations incl. arrival and departure times

    • communicating with partner meeting guests about timing, logistics and other practical matters of the meeting

    • providing a list of email address of event participants

  • Research & Intelligence


    Well-informed consulting work, product development and sales efforts.


    • supporting Consulting Business , Consulting Project Lead and other roles with research

    • staying up-to-date with current consulting client news, informing Consulting Project Lead proactively about important client developments

    • monitoring colleague & competitor newsletters and websites for inspiration and cooperation opportunities, forwarding information proactively to relevant roles (e.g. Business Development , Solution Development )

    • On new incoming Lead: researching key people and adding personal information / links to online profiles to Lead Trello Cards

  • Venue


    A workspace that suits the purpose, inspires people and makes creation happen effortlessly


    • researching, choosing and booking appropriate venues for meetings

    • drafting appropriate policies regarding meeting venues & informing partners about them

    • documenting venues and workspaces / workplaces for future use in Trello

    • forwarding hotel/accomodation information to Registrations