The Board conducts the activities and affairs of ESIP, the corporation, and exercises all corporate powers under the direction of the Board.

  • Fills no roles


  • 3rd Party Contract Administrator

    for MS Office


    Administer contracts for services and 3rd party applications employed primarily by operational staff


    • Managing contracts, price negotiations, & periodic renewals.

  • A/V Coordinator for Events


    Ensure equipment availability and connectivity at events and conferences


    • Negotiating contracts with venue pre-meeting

    • Setting up equipment/systems on-site

    • Working with venue staff to ensure connectivity and proper functioning

    • Monitoring systems during the event

    • Breaking down & packing equipment post-event

    • Reviewing final bill from venue to ensure that it reconciles with negotiated contract

  • Bookkeeper


    Process financial transactions with clarity & coherence; guard the books from chaos


    • Performing accounts payable data entry

    • Performing accounts receivable data entry & invoicing

    • Pre-reconciling accounts at month-end to ensure their accuracy prior to sending to a third-party for final reconciliation

    • Reviewing all income & expense transactions for accurate coding

    • Corresponding with accountant on accounting practices

    • Recommending to CFO operational & accounting best practices, GAAP

  • Documentation Developer


    Organizational systems, practices, procedures, & methods made clear and available


    • Documenting project, systems, and organizational procedures and best practices

    • Creating timelines/planning documents

    • Documenting organizational tools/apps used

    • Documenting third party relationships - cloud storage, web hosting, consultants/contractors

    • Building and maintaining project templates in Asana to aid in the process of setting up and running ESIP meetings.

  • Equipment Manager


    Maintain inventory of ESIP equipment in good working order


    • Selecting/acquiring new equipment; maintaining and/or retiring old

    • Maintaining an equipment inventory list

    • Updating software on equipment prior to meetings and conferences

    • Storing equipment between meetings

    • Shipping equipment to meeting venues and back

    • Supplying new or existing employees with ESIP equipment

    • Maintaining inventory of ESIP equipment in individual employee possession

  • Essential Function Backup

    for Payroll


    Ensure that essential functions can be carried out in times of stress.


    • Performing essential functions in situations where the main role filler is unavailable or unable to perform

  • Holacracy Implementation Lead


    Shepherd the organization in it's transition into practicing Holacracy


    • Maintaining an understanding of the rules of Holacracy, as set out in the Holacracy constitution

    • Training staff members on the principles and practices of Holacracy

    • Monitoring the progress of the organization in it's adoption of Holacracy practices in it's everyday work

  • New Cluster Coordinator


    Set up new clusters with ESIP resources


    • Setting up new clusters with access to ESIP resources (email list, Slack channel, wiki, education & advice)

    • Reminding Lead Link to assign a Collaboration Area Manager to new clusters

  • Secretary


    Steward and stabilize the Circle’s formal records and record-keeping process.


    • All constitutionally-required records of the Circle


    • Capturing and publishing the outputs of the Circle’s required meetings, and maintaining a compiled view of the Circle’s current Governance, checklist items, and metrics

    • Interpreting Governance and the Constitution upon request

    • Scheduling the Circle’s required meetings, and notifying all Core Circle Members of scheduled times and locations

  • Staff off boarder


    Seamlessly transition staff out of their roles


    • Documenting tasks of outgoing staff

    • Receiving ESIP-owned materials

    • Advising Lead Link as to work that may need to be reassigned

  • Staff Onboarder


    Seamlessly transition staff into the organization


    • Supplying new staff with equipment and supplies

    • Seeing that new staff get access to and instructions in the use of software and other tools they will use in energizing their roles

    • Acting as first point of contact for questions where point of contact is not obvious for new person

  • Subcontract Invoicer




    • Invoicing ESIP's NSF subcontractors

    • Creating system for invoicing process

  • VIP Leadership Transition Coordinator


    Implement processes developed to streamline onboarding and offboarding of ESIP volunteer leadership.


    • Designing and implementing a process for transitioning ESIP volunteers into and out of leadership positions following elections and/or appointments.

    • Working with Documentation Developer to record the process.

    • Communicating to outgoing leaders expectations regarding transfer of information and resources to successors.

    • Communicating to incoming leaders expectations and accountabilities relating to their new roles.

  • Web Conferencing Administrator


    Provide a quality remote participation experience for both attendees and presenters across the ESIP collaboration platform


    • Managing the web conferencing system

    • Selecting, contracting, & managing the web conferencing platform (GoToMeeting)

    • Selecting, contracting & managing the archive platform (ShareFile)

    • Devising and maintaining a system of scheduling telecons (Google Calendar)

    • Creating training, procedural, & best practices documentation

    • Setting up & assigning GoTo links to sessions at ESIP meetings

    • Monitoring proper functioning of remote participation telecons during ESIP meetings

    • Assigning/instructing/monitoring Student Fellow remote participation tasks at ESIP meetings

    • Managing storage of ESIP meeting telecon recordings in ShareFile and subsequent publishing of links to same

    • Providing collaboration area telecon system usage metrics and analysis

  • YouTube Live-stream Coordinator


    Plenary sessions to be live-streamed need to be coordinated


    • Managing all things related to live-streaming plenary sessions



  • Fills no roles