Purpose: Illuminating Paths to Wholeness at Work
  • Brand Steward


    A world that knows and loves the brand


    • Developing and maintaining a compelling brand

    • Developing and maintaining guidelines for the expression of the brand in visual design and content creation

  • Delivery Organizer

    for Seattle Nov. 2017


    Delivery logistics that flow


    • Organizing all event related logistics

    • Producing event related hard materials (handouts, name tags, posters, role cards, etc.) as defined by Theme Architect

    • Providing a sufficient stock of materials for facilitation of events (markers, post-its, flip chart paper,...) as defined by Service Delivery

    • Creating financial overview for public events to make profit/loss per event transparent

    • Defining locations for workshops and events and integrating event requirements as defined by Theme Architect in the decision

  • Opportunity Gardener


    A rich landscape of opportunities that grow to be realized


    • Participating in conversations and maintaining the contact on relevant social media to sow the seeds for and grow opportunities

    • Participating at conferences and events relevant to cultivating opportunities

    • Searching and cultivating business opportunities for services that are aligned with the organization's capacity to deliver

    • Triggering Service Delivery upon identification of realizable service opportunity

  • Visuals


    To attract our target market through expressive visual


    • Creating visuals to communicate the true voice