Purpose: Beautiful Work
  • Consultant

    for Groningen


    Delightful and effective nudges for organisational development, business consulting, facilitation and coaching clients


    • communication with consulting clients


    • delivering consulting & facilitation work

    • triggering Invoicing

    • proactively suggesting possible solutions to Service Offerings for further development

    • improving consulting, training & sales processes (collaborating with Sales Operations for the latter)

    • For senior consultants: guiding and supporting junior consultants

    • publishing articles and/or other media that embody 'beautiful work' and the consultant's competency, providing effective nudges in themselves

  • Facilitator


    Circle governance and operational practices aligned with the Constitution.


    • Facilitating the Circle’s constitutionally-required meetings

    • Auditing the meetings and records of Sub-Circles as needed, and declaring a Process Breakdown upon discovering a pattern of behavior that conflicts with the rules of the Constitution

  • Quality Assurance


    reliable output quality at high production efficiency


    • reviewing documents for errors and possible improvements by request of any other role

    • providing feedback on documents, especially written texts, by request of any other role

    • developing and evolving standard document templates for consulting & sales, e.g. meeting minutes, offers, presentations etc.

  • Reflexion


    deeper thought, broader perspectives, more points of view


Purpose: beautiful work, delivered in the form of events
  • Event Design

    for Partner Retreat


    kickass event formats that facilitate learning, collaboration and problem solving


    • Inventing and designing online and offline learning, networking, collaboration and teaching events

    • capturing working and not-working designs

  • Venue

    for next Partner Retreat


    A workspace that suits the purpose, inspires people and makes creation happen effortlessly


    • researching, choosing and booking appropriate venues for meetings

    • drafting appropriate policies regarding meeting venues & informing partners about them

    • documenting venues and workspaces / workplaces for future use in Trello

    • forwarding hotel/accomodation information to Registrations