Purpose: beautiful work
  • Consultant

    for Groningen


    Delightful and effective nudges for organisational development, business consulting, facilitation and coaching clients


    • communication with consulting clients


    • delivering consulting & facilitation work

    • triggering Invoicing

    • proactively suggesting possible solutions to Product Line for further development

    • improving consulting, training & sales processes (collaborating with Sales Operations for the latter)

    • For senior consultants: guiding and supporting junior consultants

  • Event Caller

    for Partner Meeting June 2018


    Meaningful encounters between partners, clients, community, people


    • calling for and scheduling seminars, meetings, summits, conferences and other events / collisions between partners, clients, the organisation's community and the outside world

    • inviting to events called

    • opening events & passing on to Partner Meeting Facilitator or calling for an election if applicable

    • deciding about the geographic location of meetings

    • defining the basic structure of events, or involving Event Design for this

  • Event Design

    for Partner Retreat


    kickass event formats that facilitate learning, collaboration and problem solving


    • Inventing and designing online and offline learning, networking, collaboration and teaching events

    • capturing working and not-working designs

  • Facilitator


    Circle governance and operational practices aligned with the Constitution.


    • Facilitating the Circle’s constitutionally-required meetings

    • Auditing the meetings and records of Sub-Circles as needed, and declaring a Process Breakdown upon discovering a pattern of behavior that conflicts with the rules of the Constitution

  • Food / Catering


    meeting participants healthy and happy, as far as food contributes to it


    • informing meeting participants about restaurant and other food options

    • organising dinners and other food meetings

    • providing food at meetings

    • checking in with event participants for preferences and special needs regarding food (e.g. allergies)

    • assessing risk when self-catering

  • Front Desk


    friendly, helpful, reliable response to incoming messages



    • responding to emails coming in at info@structureprocess.com or forwarding them to appropriate roles

    • responding to new newsletter signups by inquiring about needs or offering assistance

    • responding to inquiries from people interested in joining the team (applicants) with screening questions

  • Logistics & Materials


    All resources available for a successful meeting


    • providing necessary resources for meetings, e.g. facilitation material

  • Marketing


    Offering what we can. Continuous customer and community attraction.


    • Facebook Page Administrator Account

    • Structure & Process E-Mail Signature


    • developing and maintaining key marketing messages for the organisation

    • producing the Structure & Process eMail Newsletter

    • updating and maintaining the Structure & Process Facebook page

    • updating and maintaining the Structure & Process Website & Blog

    • sensing and processing tensions related to the organisation's public use of language and words

    • reviewing incoming comments and pings on Wordpress and processing them accordingly

    • tending to the representation of the team and community in company media, incl. updating the "About Us" page on the company website

    • maintaining and updating the list of organizations running on Holacracy (http://structureprocess.com/holacracy-cases)

    • maintaining a list of open invitations to teach

    • updating the S&P community on company events, and events with S&P partner or community member participation; incl. updating the "events with our participation" widget on the company homepage

    • reviewing new newsletter signups and deleting spam signups regularly

    • gathering references from clients

    • following up with partner meeting and seminar participants

  • Onboarding


    new partners and community members ready to fully apply their power


    • Company Guidebook Document

    • Definition of "Onboarder" Status


    • assisting new partners in joining and effectively working in the organisation

    • defining what an "Onboarder" is and the steps needed to become a fully onboarded partner

    • developing a checklist of standard steps needed for Onboarders to come fully on board

    • inviting Onboarders to start actions, projects or conversations that serve to complete the Onboarding checklist

    • checking in with Onboarders to evaluate progress

    • introducing guests (e.g. at partner meetings) to the organisation's culture & processes, and assisting them in making the most of their stay

    • updating and developing the company guidebook (a helpful resource for partners starting in the company)

    • checking in with partners on time-limited partnership contract re: extension of their partnership

  • Operating Rhythm


    Klare Wochenstruktur, mit Checkins / Tactical, Governance und Checkout; und regelmäßige Partner Meetings


    • Wochenstruktur halten

    • Partner Meetings / Retreats terminieren und Logistik für sie anstoßen

    • Team über (einzelne oder generelle) Änderungen der Wochenstruktur informieren

  • Partner Relationships


    connections and relationships between partners well tended to and celebrated


    • inviting for partner circles and other meetings when feeling called to

    • staying in touch with inactive partners and former partners

  • Product Line

    for Coaching


    a coherent, purposeful product line from simple to complicated, that builds on marketing and leads to collaboration


    • developing repeatable service offers ("solutions") for known problems (solution patterns / problem patterns)

    • initiating conversations with Consultant to discover problem & solution patterns in consulting work

    • nudging Event Design to produce _sinnvoll_ products

  • Quality Assurance


    reliable output quality at high production efficiency


    • reviewing documents for errors and possible improvements by request of any other role

    • providing feedback on documents, especially written texts, by request of any other role

    • developing and evolving standard document templates for consulting & sales, e.g. meeting minutes, offers, presentations etc.

  • Reflexion


    deeper thought, broader perspectives, more points of view


  • Sales Operations


    Courageous explorations of client tensions for consulting project and service offer potential


    • communication with consulting prospects


    • engaging prospects to initiate consulting projects

    • producing project proposals, collaborating with Consultant and Consulting Business

    • documenting sales activity on an appropriate Trello Board

    • engaging past clients to assess further needs, when prompted by Consulting Business

  • Space and Beauty


    the space at its full potential


    • beautifying the work space

  • Trainer

    for Assistant for Holacracy Intro


    maximum learning for seminar/training participants


    • delivering seminars/trainings and other learning events

  • Venue

    for next Partner Retreat; Partner Meeting Juni 2018


    A workspace that suits the purpose, inspires people and makes creation happen effortlessly


    • researching, choosing and booking appropriate venues for meetings

    • drafting appropriate policies regarding meeting venues & informing partners about them

    • documenting venues and workspaces / workplaces for future use in Trello

    • forwarding hotel/accomodation information to Registrations

  • Visuals & Design

    for transitioning in


    learning made visible and usable. attraction, ease & fun in communication.


    • providing visual appearance of material that we publish

    • providing illustrations for consulting, training, teaching and sales materials

    • supporting and training partners in using visual language