Purpose: Enable and accelerate self-organization through software; make it so easy that anyone can do it
  • Eye of the Frog


    We know how GlassFrog is being used


    • Cataloguing and publishing all existing sources of GlassFrog usage analytics data with links to the raw data

    • Processing relevant raw analytics data into an easy to consume and useful format

    • Publishing easy-to-consume and useful usage data internally

  • Glassfrog Integrations


    Integrations that ease and accelerate self-organization


    • Glassfrog-osx codebase & repository

    • Integration related user-facing functionality of the GlassFrog web app

    • Integrations backlog


    • Designing, prioritizing, implementing, and delivering thoughtfully chosen integrations

    • Gathering, processing, and distilling input from other roles into feature choice, design, and prioritizations that balance strategic and tactical product needs.

    • Soliciting feedback on features, design concepts, epic story breakdowns, and release targets from Product Vision, and weighing that feedback heavily in design and prioritization

    • Documenting feature sets, features, designs, prioritization and implementation progress in a prioritized backlog of user stories, and providing visibility into that backlog to other roles in the circle.

    • Supporting key customers directly for worthwhile cases not covered by other customer facing roles.

    • Maintaining a groomed and prioritized backlog of user stories

    • Updating roadmap information per the process defined by Product Vision

  • L2 Support


    Customers and internal stakeholders get the technical assistance they need


    • Finding answers to functional and technical questions for roles in the circle raised via Freshdesk or the #glassfrog-l2 slack channel

    • Retrieving data from the production database at the request of roles internal to HolacracyOne

    • Making reasonable and appropriate minor updates to data in the production database at the request of roles internal to HolacracyOne

    • Finding reproductions for bugs reported by customers and internal stakeholders via Freshdesk or the #glassfrog-bugs slack channel

    • Triaging and responding to inbound bug reports from the #glassfrog-bugs slack channel

    • Creating Pivotal stories for bugs

    • Evaluating the severity of Freshdesk tickets escalated to L2 and shepherding potentially critical bugs to a timely resolution

    • Handling complex imports at the request of Customer Support during customer onboarding

Purpose: Satisfy the customer, with @Product_Vision as proxy, through early and continuous delivery of truly valuable software
  • Developer


    Satisfy the customer, with @Product_Vision as proxy, through early and continuous delivery of truly valuable software


    • Implementing GlassFrog user stories, bug fixes, and chores

    • Testing new functionality before each production deployment

    • Providing input into estimation at the request of Product Vision and Product Design

    • Sharing development challenges with Product Design, GlassFrog Web, and Developer as challenges arise

    • Demonstrating working software to Product Design regularly and frequently, and integrating feedback surfaced by Product Design

    • Soliciting feedback and input from Product Design early and often during the development of each user story

    • Orienting new Developer role fillers on GlassFrog functionality upon request

    • Adding infra stories to get rid of dead code as observed

    • Providing teamwide visibility to any significant non-product-story-related work by tracking it in a shared infrastructure queue.

    • Fast-tracking fixes for critical bugs and shepherding them to resolution

    • Deploying accepted and merged fuctionality to production

  • Product Design

    for newsletter integration


    Well-designed functionality specified and released in deliverable chunks


    • User-facing GlassFrog web app functionality other than integrations related functionality


    • Breaking down high-level feature sets into shippable user stories at the request of Product Vision

    • Reviewing work in progress software and providing feedback to Developer

    • Evaluating completed stories and accepting once ready for deployment

    • Prioritizing user stories into the main web product development backlog to implement epics and other goals defined by Product Vision, in alignment with epic-level and other overall priorities defined by Product Vision

    • Planning feature releases