Purpose: Illuminating Paths to Wholeness at Work
  • Companion/Coach Training Design


    Effective Language of Spaces Companions and Coaches


    • Harvesting and describing steps in the Language of Spaces Process for individuals

    • Harvesting and describing Guidelines for facilitating the Language of Spaces Process for individuals

    • Identifying requisite skills and mindsets for Companions and Coaches to be certified

    • Identifying methods that facilitate development of the requisite skills and mindsets

    • Integrating feedback from Content and Practice Guide for Language of Spaces and Trainee

    • Developing online learning activities and assessments to assess if trainees have met the requirements

  • Content and Practice Guide

    for Self Knowledge


    LoS Framework expressed through cohesive and requisite offerings


    • Pricing


    • Developing cohesive offerings for building required skills as defined by LoS Framework to experience wholeness at work

    • Developing designs for offline and online delivery formats

    • Creating content for website, product of offerings, newsletter and blog and forwarding it to Communication Crafter

    • Developing and organizing on-boarding and training for Delivery

    • Defining pricing for offerings

    • Providing feedback to LoS Framework regarding product iteration for integration into definition of LoS Framework