Purpose: Kick ass service delivery
  • Library Responsible

    for Photoshop (and Reference Images)


    A clearly structured, high leveled and easy to use library


    • Coordinating the entire library and keeping on top of things

    • Buying new objects from external source

    • Updating and organizing lists

    • Cleaning up quarterly (RIP)

    • Adding new items to the library (from the to be processed folder)

    • Defining quality standards

    • Defining a system to collect and store reference images

  • Visualizer


    Kick-ass images!


    • Crafting images according to the crafting images process (CIP) as described by Process Design

    • Implementing client feedback

    • Helping other Visualizer in need

    • Wrapping up projects as defined by Process Design

    • Capturing and processing learnings after the project is done

    • Trying to make your node available during the night by closing unnecessary processes to reach 50% of free memory

    • Processing good content into the drop zone of the library