Purpose: Inspiring communication through visualization
  • Event Manager


    Impressed and Happy Clients and a Happy and Motivated Team


    • Organizing events

    • Organizing and scheduling Friday Rounds

  • Internal Services


    A supplied and organized office


    • Ordering and checking stock of office and kitchen supplies, drinks and snacks

    • Organizing cakes and specials for special occasions

    • Reminding the team to keep the office clean and safe (and motivating the team to do so)

    • Checking and updating the office duties list

  • Outreach Content Publisher


    Nightnurse Images presence in the world


    • Feeding social media

    • Creating content for website and updating website integrating requirements of crafting lab

    • Updating team with NNI publications

    • Organizing photo shootings to take profile images of the partners

Purpose: Kick ass service delivery
  • Tutor

    for Safety at Work


    Skillful players


    • Teaching the module to all partners on request

    • Helping and advising with individual technical issues and problems.

    • Creating and presenting workshops for new techniques and useful skills that are not yet well known

    • Creating modules and maintaining documentation on Notion