Purpose: World class stewards and stewarding of the Holacracy brand
  • Assessor

    for as assigned in role-note


    Assessments are a professional experience full of learning for the candidate


  • Certification Program Manager


    The certification program is as easy as possible to navigate



    • Coordinating the roll-out of updates to the certification program and its assessments, so that updates are expected, supported, and announced to its customers

    • Sourcing role-fillers for the Assessor role to maintain an adequate supply of assessments for the demand, including contracting with non-H1 role-fillers as needed

    • Providing access to all relevant materials when new assignments are made to Assessor

    • Liaising with licensees on request to support them earning a license to deliver assessments

  • Licensee Badger

    for Assessor Badges


    Right badges granted to the right licensees


    • Assessing whether Holacracy licensees meet the criteria for badges on request

    • Granting badges according to the process defined by Licensee Badge Architect

  • Licensee Gathering Organizer


    An open space for licensees to meet and share


    • Organizing regular gatherings for licensees (including HolacracyOne) to share best practices

Purpose: Organizations pursuing their purpose through stable self-organization
  • Discovery Lead

    for small orgs based in Europe


    Discovery Sessions fine-tuned and delivered to each client's unique context


    • Supporting client's key contact with Discovery Session planning from contracting to delivery

    • Delivering Discovery Sessions to clients and, when appropriate, adjusting the HDS design to client context

  • Engagement Lead

    for clients assigned in role note


    Holacracy coaching engagements set up for success


    • Reporting all client billable activity in a timely manner and monitoring client budget consumption rate

    • Sharing the intended roll out activities with relevant roles and delivery resources prior to an engagement launch

    • Onboarding and debriefing new Holacracy Coach's working with the client

    • Contracting with clients on an ongoing basis to realign expectations and adjust agreements as engagement needs evolve

    • Coaching and supporting key leaders and internal coaches with Holacracy coaching and adoption planning

    • Notifying Engagement Project Manager when a contract for an existing client has changed

    • Facilitating key circles to support the organization's Holacracy progress

    • Facilitating communication between Outreach and key client contacts, upon request of Outreach and when appropriate given the client context

    • Writing and internally publishing a Post-Adoption Report after each adoption using a template provided by Coaching Methods

  • Holacracy Coach


    Client practitioners that understand and can apply Holacracy


    • Facilitating virtual and in-person governance and tactical meetings assigned by Engagement Lead or scheduled by Engagement Operations

    • Reporting all client billable activity in a timely manner

    • Maintaining basic competencies in Holacracy Coaching Services 's virtual meetings support tools

    • Coaching client circle members on Holacracy rules and effective practice as-needed during governance and tactical meetings, or when triggered by a process defined by Holacracy Coaching Services

    • Raising objections and helping clients integrate them whenever clients propose clearly invalid governance, or, when that is not advisable, providing follow up coaching to clients along with suggested improvements post-meeting, and sharing that coaching with other relevant coaches

    • Recording client meetings as requested by Engagement Operations

    • Soliciting regular coaching from another Holacracy Coach or Master Coach throughout the duration of an active engagement

    • Summarizing key developments about client services for Engagement Lead after each deliverable, or upon request

    • Delivering presentations, coaching services, and workshops following the triggers and other implementation methods defined by Coaching Methods

    • Reviewing survey results after delivering services and processing for improvement opportunities

    • Including references to relevant habits from the Habit Support Program wherever possible and appropriate when facilitating meetings and delivering workshops and other coaching services.

    • Defining a minimum viable initial structure with clients prior to the delivery of relevant services, on request from Discovery Lead or Engagement Lead

  • Holacracy Practice Assessor


    Holacracy practice maturity assessed at the service of a sustainable power shift


    • Auditing governance records upon request of Engagement Lead and soliciting regular feedback on work in progress

    • Observing circles meetings at the request of Engagement Lead and providing practice maturity observations and actionable feedback

  • Retrospectives


    A wiser organisation continuously learning from its engagements


    • Facilitating regular retrospectives to surface learnings from engagements

    • Forwarding any learnings and tensions which surface to relevant roles to process

  • Secretary


    Steward and stabilize the Circle’s formal records and record-keeping process.


    • All constitutionally-required records of the Circle


    • Scheduling the Circle’s required meetings, and notifying all Core Circle Members of scheduled times and locations

    • Capturing and publishing the outputs of the Circle’s required meetings, and maintaining a compiled view of the Circle’s current Governance, checklist items, and metrics

    • Interpreting Governance and the Constitution upon request

Purpose: Transformative trainings that transmit Holacracy and catalyze the capacities it requires
  • Facilitator Coach

    for Specific Trainings


    Holacracy practice role-modeled during trainings


    • Facilitating tactical and governance meetings at trainings

    • Coaching participants during facilitation practice at trainings

    • Setting up and breaking down the room at the direction of Training Support

    • Listening to modules during the training to prepare to facilitate

    • Following the direction of any training delivery roles to support the training, including promptly directing participants to the next activity when requested

    • Playing 'the world' during simulation work time at practitioner trainings by following the guidance documented by Training Design

    • Assisting Training Support with logistical and tactical triage throughout the training

  • Holacracy Presenter


    Well-delivered Taster workshops that invite individuals to explore Holacracy more deeply


    • Delivering Taster workshops, using presentation/workshop designs created by Training Design

  • Lead Coach

    for Specific Trainings


    Make trainings a team affair


    • Orienting, guiding, and supporting coaches on-site, including prior to each activity

    • Monitoring training delivery for useful updates to training setup and design standards, and creating or updating relevant materials or guidelines to capture learnings

    • Advising on coach needs for trainings as required by the training design

    • Providing Coach Sourcerer with any updates regarding viable coach candidates, as new data surfaces, including after training events

    • Orienting coaches prior to the training, including sending relevant preparation materials based on the type of training and answering coach questions

    • Informing Facilitator Coach when stepping away from the main training space for an extended period of time

  • Trainer

    for Specific Trainings


    Transformative training experiences that transmit Holacracy and its underlying paradigm


    • Delivering training content to event participants at standard training offerings

    • Tweaking template slide decks to optimize delivery of each specific training and integrate learnings from delivery

    • Advising other roles of potential impacts of their decisions upon learning environment and training objectives on their request

    • Directing the on-site delivery team as-needed to support overall training quality needs

  • Training Design

    for Train the PT Trainer


    Enable deep transmission through awesome programs and materials


    • Designing and evolving packaged training and workshop offerings that develop the capacities required to introduce, practice, and coach Holacracy effectively

    • Defining and evolving training and Taster environment, room setup, and logistical needs for each training offering

    • Designing outlines and high-level specs for slides, simulations, and other support materials needed for training and intro offerings

    • Soliciting input and reviewing updates from trainers delivering designed offerings, and evaluating potential changes to templates given that feedback

    • Defining and publishing guidance about the role of coaches so that Lead Coach can orient coaches and direct them throughout the training and producing related materials

    • Maintaining a list of training and intro materials needed, including links to current versions and anticipated update timeline, including identification of training tools that are typically collected back after use (vs. coaching tools that are distributed to participants to keep)

    • Defining and publishing a definitive source of pre-requisites for trainings

    • Triggering Training Operations when updated materials are ready for production

Purpose: Healthy partners, healthy tribe, healthy collisions
  • GTD Coach


    Effective individual organizational practices to sustainably meet constitutional requirements


    • Facilitating effective individual organizational practices among Partners including helping new Partners get up and running with an individual organizational practice that meets Constitution requirements of a Role-Filler

    • Providing feedback or coaching to assist Partners with improving their individual organizational practice upon request

  • Type Coach


    Individual type differences understood, embraced, & harnessed within the partnership


    • Facilitating Partners' absorption and effective usage of a common set of models, language, and associated tools for understanding and integrating individual type differences

Purpose: High quality & easy to find Holacracy content & tools that make practice easier for novices & experts alike
  • Holacracy-Compatible Curator


    Holacracy-compatible services & "apps" can be easily shared with the community


    • Developing and evolving a standard process for service providers to share their Holacracy-compatible services that support practice (e.g. cultural development, self-leadership development, etc.)

    • Developing and maintaining a community-driven "app store" for sharing Holacracy-compatible apps

  • Resource Archivist


    Resources are organized and easy to find


    • Creating and maintaining a list of resources for learning Holacracy and locations where these resources are publicly shared

    • Communicating major tool & materials changes to internal stakeholders including GlassFrog and Outreach, to improve messaging and marketing efforts

  • Translation Steward


    Holacracy Materials available globally


    • Stewarding translations of the constitution, meeting cards, and glossary of terms

  • Value Proposition Researcher

    for people leading & supporting adoptions with & without external consultants


    Boost the odds that Holacracy adoption succeeds via good support products


    • Defining value propositions for products which support Holacracy adoptions which can feed into a business model