Coalesce and propagate the spirit of the Trillium path

  • Fills no roles

Coalesce and propagate the spirit of the Trillium path

  • Facilitator


    Circle governance and operational practices aligned with the Constitution.


    • Facilitating the Circle’s constitutionally-required meetings

    • Auditing the meetings and records of Sub-Circles as needed, and declaring a Process Breakdown upon discovering a pattern of behavior that conflicts with the rules of the Constitution

    • Sending recordings of TAOC meetings to members who miss the meeting

  • Finance

    for Juliet Ganschow (bookkeeper)



    • Managing money

  • Accountabilities:

    • Enforcing member policies

    • Defining & executing a process for when members are out of compliance with the member policies

    • Tracking compliance with member agreements

    • Refining member agreements as-needed for greater clarity

    • Refining the Ethics Policy

    • Sending communications to new Interning Teachers to orient them to the member agreements and how to comply

  • Accountabilities:

    • Communicating the transition process

    • Refining the mentor application process

    • Refining the mentor to interning teacher transition process and the interning teacher to teacher transition process

    • Defining psychological readiness indicators

  • Mutuality Circle Link

    for Victor Antillon (Peer-Facilitated Virtual Mutuality Circle Coordinator)



    • Clarifying what constitutes a Trillium Awakening mutuality circle, and the different functions of mutuality circles

    • Keeping a pulse on the activities and needs of Trillium Awakening mutuality circles in order to offer support and guidance when needed

    • Informing mutuality circles of any changes in TATC policies and activities that might affect them, including updates to our dharma

    • Liaising with the Community Network regarding Trillium Awakening mutuality circles

    • Supporting the virtual mutuality circle organizer as needed

    • Supporting the Peer Mutuality Circle Coordinator

  • Teachers Circle Secretary

    for Sanji Hills (taking minutes); Jeffrey Backstrom (audio editing)



    • Downloading TATC monthly meeting recordings from Zoom, deleting video version, and editing audio file to remove greetings, prayer circle, and transition discussions/votes

    • Uploading edited TATC monthly meeting recordings to Dropbox

    • Tracking TATC monthly meeting attendance, and updating attendance spreadsheet

    • Taking minutes (from live call) OR (if minute-taking is done by someone other than role-filler) notifying minutes-taker when recording is ready and attendance spreadsheet is up-to-date

    • Emailing minutes, attendance list, and audio recording link to TATC Google Site Manager for posting

    • Reporting teacher and mentor status changes to Trillium Awakening Web-Based Materials Manager

    • Safeguarding credentials (user names and passwords) needed to meet the accountabilities of TAOC roles

  • Accountabilities:

  • Teleconference Manager




    • Overseeing registration and deletion of PINs

    • Setting up teleconferences

    • Managing the teacher circle’s teleconference account and understanding the conference options

    • Providing for the handling of the conductor dashboard during conference call

    • Determining valid use of teleconference software by members of the teacher circle

    • Establishing fees in connection to teleconference usage