Purpose: End the utility of the management hierarchy; reveal a new way of organizing that is so exquisite, so comprehensive, and so effective, that it evolves humanity’s relationship to power.
  • 2nd Signer


    Prevent fraudulent transfers


    • Reviewing cash transfer and similar banking-related requests against the initiator's authority, and approving authorized transactions

  • Collection Steward


    Money owed = money paid


  • Fulfillment Falcon


    Flawless fulfillment


    • Tracking an estimated inventory level of books stored at Half Hill, counting actual inventory levels roughly quarterly, and updating tracked estimates and Bookkeeper when any deltas are discovered

    • Forecasting inventory needs based on data pulled from primary orderers

    • Ordering additional inventory to stocks as-needed to maintain smooth flow

    • Processing orders for the circle's support products from Holacracy Ecosystem organizations or their clients

    • Invoicing purchasers for products ordered plus shipping charges per the circle's published business model

    • Developing systems, platforms, and processes for order placement and fulfillment

  • Out-of-Controller


    Getting out of control financial processes under control, and keeping them there


    • Defining, implementing, monitoring, and improving processes to handle all basic financial transaction processing needs, including for payments, collecting funds, and reconciliations

    • Selecting, monitoring, and managing outsourced relationships to fulfill basic bookkeeping needs

    • Implementing special projects requested by Finance to improve financial systems and policies

    • Processing needed financial registrations and tax filings required of the organization

  • Rep Link

    (Rep Link) (from Holacracy Implementation)


    Within the Super-Circle, the Rep Link holds the Purpose of the SubCircle; within the Sub-Circle, the Rep Link’s Purpose is: Tensions relevant to process in the Super-Circle channeled out and resolved.


    • Removing constraints within the broader Organization that limit the Sub-Circle

    • Seeking to understand Tensions conveyed by Sub-Circle Circle Members, and discerning those appropriate to process in the Super-Circle

    • Providing visibility to the Super-Circle into the health of the Sub-Circle, including reporting on any metrics or checklist items assigned to the whole Sub-Circle

Purpose: World class stewards and stewarding of the Holacracy brand
  • Assessor




    • Reviewing and scoring candidate submissions and/or performance of the assessments

    • Offering feedback to assessment candidates in order to support their learning, according to the process developed by Assessment Design

    • Sharing scoring details with Assessor and Assessment Design upon request, including the reasoning behind each scoring

    • Notifying Certification Administrator promptly after blocking a calendar slot (e.g. for scheduling another meeting, taking a day off, etc.) that conflicts with an already-scheduled Facilitation Assessment session

  • CoP Engineer


    Flawless tech setup that supports the CoP and its offerings


    • CoP platform infrastructure


    • Developing and evolving an online platform to support the Community of Practice, its vision and feature requirements as defined by CoP Vision

    • Triaging and resolving technical issues with the Community of Practice platform

    • Selecting and configuring the needed platforms for CoP live online offerings

  • Licensing Integrity


    Clean relationship between HolacracyOne and Licensees


    • Monitoring licensee activity for alignment with terms of licensing agreement and any related standards or other requirements, including any quality or usage standards referenced by such an agreement and defined by the circle or by a duly-authorized role thereof

    • Monitoring Licensees' usage and messaging of the Holacracy brand, and aligning them with Brand Strategy and Brand Design standards.

    • Notifying licensees of any material breaches of their licensing agreement or related standards or others requirements, and supporting licensees in determining an appropriate course of action to cure such a breach

    • Terminating a licensing relationship when a Licensee displays any of the following behaviors:
      1) When a Licensee’s willfully breaches the terms of the licensing agreement
      2) When an unintentional material breach remains uncured after due notice and a reasonable opportunity to address it
      3) When a pattern of substantially-similar breaches continues to recur even after a Licensee has been alerted to such pattern and given reasonable time to resolve it

Purpose: Enable and accelerate self-organization through software; make it so easy that anyone can do it
  • Billing Admin




    • Administering GlassFrog billing system and resolving billing exceptions

Purpose: Transformative trainings that transmit Holacracy and catalyze the capacities it requires
  • Coach Wrangler

    for Specific Trainings


    Make trainings a team affair


    • Orienting, guiding, and supporting coaches on-site, and leveraging their support

    • Monitoring training delivery for useful updates to training setup and design standards, and creating or updating relevant materials or guidelines to capture learnings

    • Advising on coach needs for trainings as required by the training design

    • Providing Coach Sourcerer with any updates regarding viable coach candidates, as new data surfaces, including after training events

    • Orienting coaches prior to the training, including sending any relevant preparation materials and answering coach questions

  • Event Management System




    • Implementing, monitoring, and maintaining an event registration management system for the organization's public trainings and workshops

  • Facilitator Coach

    for Specific trainings


    Holacracy practice role-modeled during trainings


    • Facilitating tactical and governance meetings at trainings

    • Coaching participants during facilitation practice at trainings

    • Setting up and breaking down the room at the direction of Training Support

    • Listening to modules during the training to prepare to facilitate

    • Following the direction of any training delivery roles to support the training, including promptly directing participants to the next activity when requested

    • Playing 'the world' during simulation work time at practitioner trainings by following the guidance documented by Training Design

    • Assisting Training Support with logistical and tactical triage throughout the training

  • Secretary


    Steward and stabilize the Circle’s formal records and record-keeping process.


    • All constitutionally-required records of the Circle


    • Scheduling the Circle’s required meetings, and notifying all Core Circle Members of scheduled times and locations

    • Capturing and publishing the outputs of the Circle’s required meetings, and maintaining a compiled view of the Circle’s current Governance, checklist items, and metrics

    • Interpreting Governance and the Constitution upon request

  • Training Business Manager


    Trainings open, revenue flowing, and profitability optimized


    • Pricing for trainings


    • Gathering and assessing data about public demand for standard training offerings

    • Selecting and deploying a standard financial model and specific price point for each training within defined pricing models

    • Optimizing pricing, discount options, and expenditures to maximize training profitability including canceling trainings as needed in order to avoid loss, including defining training budgets as needed

    • Defining target regions and rhythms for opening and delivering standard training offerings

    • Launching specific trainings in line with the target pattern, as well as ad hoc when appropriate, including for public, private, and partnered trainings

    • Defining standard financial/pricing models for trainings

    • Estimating expected training size and communicating estimates to Training Operations

    • Communicating training dates to Coach Wrangler prior to confirming and opening the training

    • Scheduling Trainer and Coach Wrangler within calendar and travel constraints of those role-fillers

    • Publishing a pricing model for private trainings

    • Notifying Training Operations when private training contracts are signed and specifying the type of client relationship and contractual expectations regarding materials and logistical services that each entails

    • Specifying capacity for event if different from standard

    • Publishing web pages on the public website to launch trainings and removing them upon event completion

    • Informing relevant roles involved in delivery when new trainings are confirmed, or existing trainings modified, to trigger booking of travel/accommodation/other logistics

  • Training Glamour Shots


    Awe-Inspiring and Captivating Visual Representation of Trainings


    • Collecting photographs, brief videos, and/or quotes during live events for promotional purposes

  • Training Payment Tracker


    Training registrations paid and event viability protected


    • Maintaining an overview of training payments, and requesting information from Participant Ambassador when needed

    • Matching bank wire transfer payments with "pending" training payments and marking as "completed" when a payment arrives

    • Contacting clients when payments are overdue

    • Cancelling training registrations and alerting Participant Ambassador when payments are overdue

    • Monitoring payments inbox for failed training payment plan payments and reaching out to customers re-establish a new payment method

    • Communicating a list of all "pending" payments and their current status to Participant Ambassador prior to training events

  • Training Support

    for April 5 CT


    @Trainer training and learners learning


    • Removing distractions at trainings that limit presence and focus of participants or delivery staff

    • Triaging and resolving venue-related tactical or logistical issues during public and private events

    • Setting up and tearing down training venue at the direction of Training Operations, Trainer, or Coach Wrangler

    • Greeting and hosting participants at trainings and related events

    • Setting up primary training simulation spaces and materials in advance of each training start

    • Repacking training materials immediately following each training and delivering them to start of transport as arranged by Training Operations

    • Verifying participant attendance against the participant list and notifying Participant Ambassador of any no-shows or additional participants

    • Triaging last-minute registrations and collecting payment if needed

    • Maintaining, updating, and sharing a checklist of set-up and triage steps for each training.

Purpose: Healthy partners, healthy tribe, healthy collisions
  • Cross Link from Partners

    for present to 2017-10-01


    The Organization offers a healthy environment for Partners to contribute to its Purpose


    • Notifying all partners of any new or amended expectations, constraints, or policies that affect partners as partners, including any enacted by a change to the Company's Operating Agreement

  • Operations


    Worry about basic systems, so no one else has to


    • Google Apps access


    • Selecting and administering core logistical infrastructure systems, including a calendar, phone voicemail system, an e-mail system, & intranet

    • Defining usage standards and providing access to formally-defined infrastructure systems as-appropriate, and helping users troubleshoot access issues as-needed

    • Maintaining a trusted source of contact information for past and current HolacracyOne Members, and updating it as Members information changes

    • Selecting and administering a shared file repository that supports file change notifications and allows limited access by invited outside parties

    • Defining standard file formats for commonly-used cross-organization shared files

    • Coordinating all offboarding tasks necessary for a clean separation of Partner's leaving the organization

    • Executing general logistical setup tasks documented in the new partner onboarding checklist whenever a new partner joins, triggering other listed roles to execute their own onboarding steps, and verifying all steps are appropriately completed

    • Triaging email transition of departing partners such as email forwarding or an autoresponder

  • Partner Insurance Agent




    • Selecting and administering health insurance programs for Partners

  • Partner Onboarder


    Establish right relationships between new partners and the partnership


    • Introducing, reviewing and explaining the onboarding process and checklist to new partners.

    • Clarifying new partner's role in onboarding activities.

    • Verifying that all relevant roles have completed their checklist items as defined by Courtship and Onboarding Process.

  • Partner Partner

    for Matt until Oct 14, Chris


    A helping hand for partners


    • Answering questions from Partners about Holacracy, the company's activities, the partnership, and how all of these work together

    • Talking with Partners upon request to help them build perspective on tension processing pathways including differentiating tensions best processed personally versus organizationally

    • Supporting Partners to find a professional development path in the partnership upon request

    • Initiating conversations with new Partners to provide thought-partnership on their transition into the company

  • Tribal Mediator


    Help people transform charge & resentment into understanding & appreciation


    • Facilitating solo processing or a dialog to help a partner dissolve a charge or held resentment, on request of the partner experiencing one

Purpose: Organizations pursuing their purpose through stable self-organization
  • Delivery Systems


    Easy logistics for clients and coaches


    • Selecting, maintaining, and configuring systems to support the scheduling of Holacracy Advisor calls

    • Selecting & maintaining systems to support the logistical scheduling, delivery, and billing needs for coaching services

    • Designing, evolving, and documenting logistical processes needed to effect smooth scheduling, delivery and billing for coaching services, including workshops

    • Selecting, maintaining and configuring systems to collect, compile, and analyze implementation progress metrics

  • Engagement Operations


    Supportive, easeful and efficient engagement logistics



    • Triaging and executing logistical tasks requested by Implementation Lead or Discovery Lead including shipping tools or producing slides

    • Collecting NPS data following Holacracy coaching services

    • Anticipating and planning for logistical needs of virtual and in-person client meetings, presentations, and workshops, including appropriate space

    • Communicating access details and workshop descriptions for client meetings

    • Tracking actual circle activities and milestones vs. targets, highlighting gaps for Implementation Lead and key client contacts, and encouraging any scheduling needed

    • Communicating information and other messages to clients upon request of Implementation Lead or Discovery Lead

    • Tracking client spend vs. budget

    • Entering billing records for all virtual meetings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice and communicating cancellation to Holacracy Coach

    • Generating invoice triggers for circle services, and fielding & resolving billing questions, issues, and disputes with clients as-needed

    • Sending out surveys to clients in alignment with the Implementation Method or upon request of Implementation Lead

    • Adding training event credits that are included in implementation contracts to the events credit spreadsheet

  • Holacracy Coach


    Client practitioners that understand and can apply Holacracy


    • Facilitating virtual and in-person governance and tactical meetings assigned by Implementation Lead or scheduled by Engagement Operations

    • Reporting all client billable activity in a timely manner

    • Maintaining basic competencies in Holacracy Implementation 's virtual meetings support tools

    • Coaching client circle members on Holacracy rules and effective practice as-needed during governance and tactical meetings, or when triggered by a process defined by Delivery Systems

    • Raising objections and helping clients integrate them whenever clients propose clearly invalid governance, or, when that is not advisable, providing follow up coaching to clients along with suggested improvements post-meeting, and sharing that coaching with other relevant coaches

    • Recording client meetings as requested by Engagement Operations

    • Soliciting regular coaching from another Holacracy Coach or Master Implementor throughout the duration of an active engagement

    • Summarizing key developments about client services for Implementation Lead after each deliverable, or upon request

    • Delivering presentations, coaching services, and workshops following the triggers and other implementation methods defined by Implementation Method

    • Reviewing survey results after delivering services and processing for improvement opportunities

  • Implementation Scheduler


    Right time, right place


  • NPS Steward




    • Designing and documenting processes for collecting NPS data for coaching services and trainings, including defining target frequency, audiences, and survey content

  • Rep Link

    (Rep Link) (to General Company Circle)


    Within the Super-Circle, the Rep Link holds the Purpose of the SubCircle; within the Sub-Circle, the Rep Link’s Purpose is: Tensions relevant to process in the Super-Circle channeled out and resolved.


    • Removing constraints within the broader Organization that limit the Sub-Circle

    • Seeking to understand Tensions conveyed by Sub-Circle Circle Members, and discerning those appropriate to process in the Super-Circle

    • Providing visibility to the Super-Circle into the health of the Sub-Circle, including reporting on any metrics or checklist items assigned to the whole Sub-Circle

  • Virtual Meeting Support


    Virtual meetings that feel like the real thing


    • Helping circle roles or clients orchestrate the technical setup for an effective virtual client meeting experience on request from other circle roles

    • Arranging and optimizing a comfortable virtual environment for use in remote client meeting facilitation and workshops

    • Setting up virtual meeting rooms for coaches to use with clients at request of any role

    • Researching virtual meeting platforms options and establishing criteria integrating the needs of Implementation Lead and other relevant roles

    • Presenting business case for any changes to the circle's virtual meeting platform prior to enacting any changes

    • Managing relevant vendor relationships and contracts with virtual meeting providers

    • Triaging technical issues in the moment upon request, or specifying and publishing a go-to process for addressing common issues during client meetings

    • Supporting Holacracy Coach before and during virtual workshops or other (non meeting) sessions

Purpose: Attract interest with a compelling and authentic brand narrative; connect our target audience with Holacracy products and services that are relevant and useful to them
  • Online Events Magician


    Everything in the right place for flawless online event delivery


    • Selecting and configuring a platform for online event delivery, and integrating Objections from Event Organizer about that platform

    • Triaging issues and removing distractions during online events

    • Tracking participants' questions during webinars and queuing them up for presenter to answer

    • Creating virtual meetings at the request of Outreach roles

  • Photographer


    Depict and dazzle


    • Taking or sourcing photographs of interest to HolacracyOne supporters, and archiving externally appropriate and generous photographs

    • Maintaining and evolving a repository of beautiful pictures specifically designed to promote HolacracyOne's events

    • Notifying relevant Outreach roles when new photographs are available for use

  • Website Producer


    To manifest HolacracyOne's websites through integration and execution


    • Manifesting the website according to the strategy specified by Website Strategy

    • Pulling feedback about the websites from relevant stakeholders throughout the design and implementation of significant website updates, including from Holacracy Spokesperson and other market-facing roles

    • Publishing and updating a Website Updates Roadmap to track the needed changes to the websites

    • Selecting and managing project vendors, and managing deliverables through completion

    • Directing the development of the holacracy.org and the glassfrog.com public-facing (non-app) websites, while integrating the needs of HolacracyOne's various business lines