September 19, 2016

GlassFrog Software Updates

As you've surely noticed, the new GlassFrog user interface is live!  This has been coming for a long time and we're getting a lot of questions about what motivated us to make such a big change. The answer is that GlassFrog's styling had been with us for a long time and the libraries were becoming dated. We wanted to switch the look to something more clean and modern, and prepare for more functionality and responsiveness, especially with mobile devices. The switch to these more modern style libraries will make it much easier to quickly make visual changes to the site.  Our developers now have more fluid ability to tweak layouts and improve the overall look and feel.  

You can expect to see GlassFrog growing in new directions now that our frameworks has been upgraded. Please give us your feedback about what you would like to see in GlassFrog!

Recent feature additions and bug fixes: 

Membership mailing lists now include the ability to email all the administrators in your organization
Invoices and receipts now include an "Org Ref" which is your organization ID
Various bug fixes and tweaks for the new style changes in Safari
Fixed a problem with projects not correctly dragging and dropping when role was unfilled
Associations between domains with policies now correctly showing in meeting history
Deleting a role moves all role projects, metrics & checklist items to the Lead Link
Fixed a scenario where asynchronous proposals errored out when a role was deleted
Fixed a bug preventing users from joining Tactical meetings in progress
Fixed the “Last meeting date” problem on circle page
Improved performance of meeting history tab
Fixed a bug with project dialogue windows not closing

Up Next: Improving usability of the new UI without moving things around too much