August 04, 2016

GlassFrog Software Updates

Organization Name Changes
GlassFrog administrators now have the ability to edit the name of their organization. This is accomplished through the "Organization Settings" menu.  See this FAQ article for more information: How can I change the name of my organization?

GlassFrog Translation
We’ve made more progress on GlassFrog internationalization and translation features.  Beta testing for GlassFrog translations will start soon!  Email to volunteer as a proofreader or translator.  

Asynchronous Reproposal (Premium only)
Asynchronous proposals that were escalated to a meeting can now be reproposed. This is accomplished on the proposal screen. Click the "proposals" link next to the search box to access. Escalated proposals will still have a "Propose Now" option available. 

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes and Tweaks
Fixed an issue where tactical meeting outputs that were assigned to a lead link, then changed to individual action would prevent a tactical meeting from closing.

Fixed a typographical error in tactical meeting opening popup.

Fixed a potentially confusing message when there was no Published Information for a role.

Search functionality for projects has been restored.

Software Updates are typically published every Tuesday evening.