GlassFrog Software Updates

July 20, 2016

New Administrator Feature - Email and Export Users

In this release, the GlassFrog team has added some new ways to email and export users. Administrators can now access mailing lists for Lead Links, Facilitators, Secretaries, Rep Links and all circle members. More info here.

GlassFrog Translation

We've put in more of the background work required to prepare GlassFrog for translation into other languages. We are still accepting translation volunteers. If you would like to help us get GlassFrog translated into your language, email and let us know. Include a link to your organization and the language or languages you speak fluently and we'll contact you when the time comes. 

New Proposal Indicator

A proposal badge indicator has been added to notify you when there are new proposals. This will appear next to the "Proposals" link at the top of GlassFrog when there are new proposals to review.