July 07, 2016

GlassFrog Software Updates

Software Updates are typically published every Tuesday. Expect to see an update here every other week highlighting the major changes. 

Org Chart Overhaul
The organization chart has received an overhaul to its look and feel and performance. Users will notice faster load times and an improved look and feel.  Note: We are currently experiencing an issue where the org chart does not update in a timely manner. This is a known issue and will be resolved in the next update.

Domain name change
The GlassFrog domain has been changed from glassfrog.holacracy.com to app.glassfrog.com   Please update your password and bookmark managers accordingly.  

Open Proposals in Circle
GlassFrog now displays all open proposals in your circles.  This is an expansion of the Asynchronous Proposal feature available to Premium account holders.  Click the “Proposals” link next to the search bar to access this feature.

Miscellaneous minor issues patched today:
Tensions are no longer required to be associated with a circle to be recorded
Governance proposals now show date in the breadcrumb link
Fixed an issue with project add dialogue not closing in some cases
Removed instances where an ugly error message would display about missing pages
Fixed an issue where rep link election would not correctly update circle memberships
Resolved an issue with tactical meeting emails not sending if certain roles are unfilled
Fixed a case where governance meeting outputs would not show deleted roles
Certain emails now come from billing@glassfrog.com or support@glassfrog.com