February 15, 2016

New Features and What's on the Horizon

Glassfrog has new features!

The Glassfrog Development team has been busy incorporating your feedback into new features and fixes. We're working nonstop on adding value and functionality. What have we been working on lately? Have a look:

Custom Circle Sections

We've added the ability to add custom sections to any Circle Page. Go to any of your Circle Pages, hover over the left blue sidebar and notice the gear icon that appears. Click to reveal a new screen that allows you to add new sections to your Circle Page. See this FAQ for more details.


Performance Improvements

We changed the way Glassfrog loads resources in your browser and initial page loads are now much faster. Users in Australia are seeing pages load twice as fast! In the US, the benefit is around 100ms or so on the first page load. Did you notice? The overall speed and reliability of Glassfrog are two of our top priorities. 


Google Sign-in

You may have noticed that our sign in page has changed. You now have the option to sign in with your Google account. Just click the [Sign in with Google] button on the main log in page (You may need to sign out to see it if you haven't lately). This will link your Glassfrog account to your Google account and make signing in quick and easy. One fewer password to remember!

What's on the horizon for Glassfrog? 


Glassfrog will be available in more languages! Right now, we're doing the work behind the scenes that will make it easy for us to translate static content into any language. French, Italian and German are on the top of our list with more to follow. (Klingon anyone?) 


Third Party Integrations

We're also putting in the plumbing to allow integrations with third party applications such as Asana or OmniFocus. We're going to start small with a few basics, like exporting projects from Glassfrog to another application. Once we've made that possible, we have a LOT of options. What would you like to see us work on next?

Our Circle's purpose is "Make Holacracy easier and more powerful through software".  
How could we do better?

We would love to hear your feature suggestions and feedback. Contact us any time. We read and reply to every email received.

Found a problem with Glassfrog? Just submit a bug and our developers will have a look. 

Don't forget to check out our extensive GlassFrog FAQ