Receive meeting emails & view tactical meeting history

February 05, 2014

We have two new big pieces of functionality.

Highlights; see below for details:

  • Actions and triggers can be private to circle. They will be displayed in your tactical meeting history if you do not make them private.
  • Follow or unfollow circles other than your own to receive tactical and governance meeting emails.
  • Manage your subscription page to choose whether you want tactical and/or governance emails for the circles you follow.
  • View actions and projects in a tactical meeting history for your circles and other circles.

Tactical meeting history

  • You can now view actions and projects in a tactical meeting history. The default for actions prior to January 31 is 'private to circle'.
  • Click the History tab on your circle page and scroll down below the Governance history to view Tactical history. 
  • Now you can select private to circle for any action, trigger, or project that is created during a tactical meeting. The default is that any outputs are viewable by anyone in the organization, so all outputs will show up in the tactical meeting history if they are not saved as private. Click the lock icon in the output field to make an action, trigger, or project private to circle. 
  • Note: for companies with information set to publicly viewable, actions and triggers are by default not publicly viewable, but projects are.


Subscribe to meeting emails

  • ‘Follow’ circles other than your own to receive meeting emails 
  • Non-circle members can follow circles and receive Tactical and Governance meeting emails, and unsubscribe from them later. You cannot unsubscribe from circles in which you fill roles. If actions or projects are marked as private to circle, then those won't show up in Tactical Meeting emails to non circle members (who are following that circle). 



Manage your Subscriptions

Find your subscriptions by hovering your mouse over the drop down menu next to your name to the left of What's New in the upper right part of your screen. 

Edit My Subscriptions

Uncheck boxes to edit your preferences, such as if you'd like to receive only Tactical or Governance meeting emails in the circles that you follow.