Role Policies & More

June 22, 2013

Changes this week:

Circle Policies view, ability to add and edit Role Policies for your Roles with a Domain, and pasting a Role definition. Contact Customer Support with any questions or issues.

Circle Policies

When you view a Circle page, Policies are now organized by Domain (see below, or visit this link for a live example). There are no longer categories. When you create a Policy for the Circle during a Governance Meeting, you still select a Domain. See this post for more on creating Policies and selecting Domains.

Circle Policy View - Sandbox GCC


New! Store Role Policies

If your Role has a Domain, you can store your Policy in GlassFrog to control the Domain. If there is a Domain, an icon to add a new Policy appears immediately to the right of the Domain.

To create a Policy:

1. Click the icon. (See below.) (If a Role does not include a Domain, then the option to add a Policy does not exist.)

Add policy to a domain


2. Enter a title and the Policy. Use role-linking/cross-referencing if applicable. Click Save.

Create or edit a role policy


Finding and viewing Role Policies

Role Policies are found on the page for each Role - click a Role name in the Circle page/Roles page, and then the link to their Policies found next to the Domain. (See below for an example.)

Role page with policy

After you click the link, you will see the Policies.


Role policy view


Pasting a Role Definition

When creating or updating a Role in a Governance Meeting, you can now paste Role definition parts. If you've emailed a Proposal to the Secretary, it will be easier to enter.

The instructions are in the pop up, which is accessed by clicking the little icon to the right of the Role Name field during a Governance Meeting. (See below for icon.)

Paste Role Icon

Below, a Domain was added, as well as two Accountabilities during a Proposal that Updated the existing Finance Role. Follow the instructions and label all lines that are not Accountabilities. (You may label each Accountablity too, but that is not needed.) Paste each part on a separate line.

Paste Role Definition


When you click Submit, the definition will be added to the Role you are updating (or creating). Clicking Submit does not save the Proposal to the Governance records; you still need to click Accept Proposal if you want to capture it for the Governance records.

Pasted role definition parts after submit