Get More Control Over Your Checklists & Metrics

July 06, 2022

Weekly, monthly, and quarterly are not always the times when you need to report on a metric or checklist. But these were the only options in GlassFrog. Until now!

We’ve added a new option to give you more flexibility with timing.

Admins can now set custom frequencies* for checklists and metrics. To get started, head over to Admin > Checklists & Metrics in the side navigation.

For everyone else, new options set by your organization’s admins will automatically appear under the “Frequency” dropdown list when you’re adding or editing a checklist or metric.

Did you know?  

You can also set global checklists and metrics* under Admin > Checklists & Metrics. When you set a new global checklist or metric, it’s automatically added to every existing circle in your organization.

* These features are only available on the GlassFrog Premium plan. But if you’re on the Forever Free plan and it’s been a while since you last tried it, you can request an additional Premium trial.