Maximum visibility for's speaking and community events

  • Distributing promotional content internally and externally

  • Posting event activities in a common / shared event calendar

  • Promoting all events and outside speaking engagements


  • In the interest of collaborating with Workshop Production (WP)
    - to avoid future workshop being cancelled or run while losing money...

    Event & Workshop Promotion requests that no workshop be scheduled or promoted unless it has followed the following process:

    1. Interest in a workshop from local host responded to with Local Host Package and old webinar link
    2. Interest further clarified in meeting with EP and local host, which only happens when the host has actually read and watched enough of the materials to be familiar with what we offer.
    3. If the host wants to move forward with the workshop, our first request is that the host guarantee/buy the # of tickets necessary to ensure financial feasibility for us to hold the workshop.
    4. If the host declines, one of two options happens next:
    4a. WP takes a Project: "Marketing channels for workshop in City X explored with local host"
    4b. E&WP is invited to that meeting, and takes on that Project.
    5. Scheduling the workshop can proceed if E&WP decides that the marketing channels discovered look promising enough.

    The general request is that WP does not schedule workshops unless we have a clear path to success.