A rich landscape of opportunities that grow to be realized

  • Participating in conversations and maintaining the contact on relevant social media to sow the seeds for and grow opportunities

  • Participating at conferences and events relevant to cultivating opportunities

  • Searching and cultivating business opportunities for offerings that are aligned with the organization's capacity to deliver

  • Triggering Program Delivery upon identification of realizable opportunities for offerings

  • Seeking out and developing partnership with purpose aligned individuals, organizations and networks to increasing opportunities for EaW's offerings.


  • When an prospective opportunity presents itself, consider the following questions:

    1. Will it increase the information in the world about Evolution at Work's Purpose and what Evolution at Work does to enact it Purpose? (Specifically creating the ability to talk about EaW's Purpose and / or its offerings.)

    2. Does it open a path toward generating revenue?

    3. Does it open a path toward prospective FPE membership?