Satisfy the customer, with Product Vision as proxy, through early and continuous delivery of truly valuable software


  • Implementing GlassFrog user stories, bug fixes, and chores in alignment with development practices set by GlassFrog

  • Testing new functionality before each production deployment

  • Providing input into estimation at the request of GlassFrog

  • Sharing development challenges with Product Design, GlassFrog Development, and Developer as challenges arise

  • Demonstrating working software to Product Design regularly and frequently, and integrating feedback surfaced by Product Design

  • Soliciting feedback and input from Product Design early and often during the development of each user story

  • Evaluating technical skills of candidate role-fillers on request of Technical Screener, using the process and guidelines defined by that role

  • Orienting new Developer role fillers on GlassFrog functionality upon request

  • Adding infra stories to get rid of dead code as observed

  • Providing teamwide visibility to any significant non-product-story-related work by tracking it in a shared infrastructure queue.


  • Account (Role)
    Pivotal Tracker (Agile Process Coach)
    Github (Source Control)
    .pairs file (Source Control)
    New Relic (EE)

    development tools
    postgres 9.3.6 (last update 8/14/2015 - ab)
    ruby 2.0.0-pX (last update 8/14/2015 - ab)
    OSX screen sharing or RealVnc

  • In GlassFrog, there are a couple of things that are often gotchas when developing, and may warrant extra consideration or testing:

    1) Anchor circle: when dealing with roles or circles, keep in mind that the anchor circle/role is a bit special case and may act differently/break code where a non-anchor circle/role wouldn't.

    2) Public companies: when dealing with visibility of things, remember that there are some things that should be visible to anonymous users for public companies. Talk to Product Design if you have questions.

    3) Super user: keep in mind that super users have a different view of GlassFrog, so sometimes changes can break functionality for them.