To get clarity on the process in Tactical or Governance meetings, meeting participants can invoke the Holacracy Coach:

* The participant signals "process interruption" to the Facilitator.
* The Facilitator interrupts the formal Holacracy process and stands up - all present meeting participants also stand up.
* The participant that signaled the interruption addresses Holacracy Coach with their question. The participant may only address Holacracy Coach. The Coach may include other meeting participants to gain information needed to resolve the questioners tension.
* Regular process resumes when the questioner is satisfied and sits down.

In meetings held via skype or other similar means, process interruptions must be signaled verbally ("I want to go out of process") and confirmed by the Facilitator ("going out of process"). The Facilitator signals "back into process" when regular process resumes.

Created: Jan 5, 2014
Last Updated: Nov 24, 2015
Affects Domain: All Functions & Activities Within the Circle