Purpose: Communities that energize and engage purpose agents and enterprises
  • Communication


    communities of agents and enterprises engaged through inspiring dialogue


    • Communicating through all possible communication channels (e.g. social media, webinars, newsletter, blog, website) to inform the target markets about encode.org's thought leadership

    • Collecting feedback and input from the communication channels and forwarding the information to relevant roles

  • Event Promotion


    Maximum visibility for encode.org's speaking and community events


    • Distributing promotional content internally and externally

    • Posting event activities in a common / shared event calendar

    • Promoting all events and outside speaking engagements

  • Speaking Engagements


    Speaking events that increase awareness of encode.org's purpose


    • Evaluating, selecting and securing speaking engagements, that help to increase the awareness of encode.org's purpose across the world

    • Capturing all necessary event specifics needed for resource allocation

    • Sending all needed materials (bio's, topic summaries, social media links, presentation decks, etc.) to event coordinators

    • Conveying all relevant speaking engagement logistics to FPE Promoter (e.g. location, primary contact, start time)

    • Scheduling events and triggering Event Promotion and Communication once a new date is confirmed

    • Defining topics for speaking opportunities after integrating feedback from FPE Promoter

  • Writer


    Seduce, provoke, and inspire through written content


    • Writing content for the blog, articles, infographics, interviews, webinars and social media following content roadmap as defined by General and posting this content to the respective communication channel

    • Developing story arcs that convey encode.org's purpose