Purpose: Inspiring communication through visualization
  • Facilitator


    Circle governance and operational practices aligned with the Constitution.


    • Facilitating the Circle’s constitutionally-required meetings

    • Auditing the meetings and records of Sub-Circles as needed, and declaring a Process Breakdown upon discovering a pattern of behavior that conflicts with the rules of the Constitution

  • Shareholder


    Legal grounding for Nightnurse Images GmbH


    • Representing the perspective of the shareholder

Purpose: Inspiring communication through visualization
  • Branch Link

    for BA


    Synced branches between New York, Buenos Aires, and Zürich


    • Corresponding with branches

  • Business Development


    Nightnurse Images grown to its best potential


    • Finding and developing opportunities for Nightnurse Images to grow into new fields of business or new locations.

  • Closer


    Great deals established


    • Briefing Visualizer and Project Lead

    • Checking invoices to clients

    • Preparing client info for project take over by Visualizer and Project Lead

    • Responding to client requests

    • Discussing and closing deals with clients

    • Presenting new technologies to clients

    • Contracting clients for exclusive cooperation

    • Keeping the calendar up to date according to Vertec projects

    • Checking back with Project Coordinator in case of requests in times with high demand

    • Asking clients about publishability date of the images after closing the deals, and recording these informations in Vertec

    • Opening basecamp for upcoming projects

    • Tracking and collecting the reasons if a project is canceled by a client

    • Asking new clients how they found us and documenting result

  • Customer Relations


    Happy and returning clients


    • Dealing with customer complaints and documenting them in vertec

    • Contacting and engaging with potential clients

    • Representing Nightnurse Images GmbH in the outside world

    • Maintaining relationships with large-project clients

    • Maintaining relationships with stakeholders when travelling is required

    • Collecting customer opinions and documenting them if relevant

  • External teaching


    All our best-kept secrets shared


    • Teaching visualization to external students

  • Inreach


    Everyone informed


    • Creating and sending the Nurseletter

  • Outreach


    Maximum visibility for Nightnurse Images


    • Marketing Nightnurse Images products and company

    • Maintaining website

    • Researching events where Nightnurse Images can be presented

    • Experimenting with ways to find new work

    • Promoting Nightnurse Images cooperations and memberships

  • Website Manager


    Technically perfect website


    • Maintaining relationship with website developer to have Nightnurse requirements met

Purpose: Kick ass service delivery
  • Project Lead

    for Films


    Project Lead and Communication that leads to a happy customer


    • Working towards customer expectations as captured in the project description and communicated in the Closer briefing, as well as directly communicated by the client.

    • Leading commissioned projects by nightnurse standards according to the crafting images process (CIP) as described by Process Design

    • Communicating externally with the client and internally with the project team (usually including Closer, Visualizer, Creative Director) and being in active and constant exchange.

    • Receiving and verifying client feedbacks and discuss them with Visualizer and Creative Director

    • Keeping track with project budget and communicating budget issues with Closer and Visualizer

    • Distributing tasks inside the team (when more than one Visualizer is involved)

    • Checking client data and sending projects to 3D Modeller (Buenos Aires)

    • Setting up the final folder with all necessary files and archiving projects

    • Organizing site photos in a timely manner

  • Tutor

    for History, Mission & Client Communication, Holacracy


    Skillful players


    • Teaching the module to all partners on request

    • Helping and advising with individual technical issues and problems.

    • Creating and presenting workshops for new techniques and useful skills that are not yet well known

    • Creating modules and maintaining documentation on Notion