Purpose: To connect power, purpose and work
  • X Link: Investor Context

    for D Units (until August 18, 2019)


    Company Property (Membership Units) Allocated and Distributed for Optimal Pursuit of Purpose


    • Integrating and aligning the needs of FPE-Members as Unit holders with the Operational needs of the Organization

Purpose: To create a purposeful, power-shifted economy that transcends capitalism.
  • Community Connections

    for Holacracy Community


    Meaningful connections with communities that inspire Agents & Enterprises around the world


    • Identifying communities, brands or individuals that deeply resonate with liberated worker and establishing cross-promotional agreements as needed

    • Triggering General when a purpose-aligned community offers speaking opportunities

    • Coordinating participation at purpose-aligned community events with FPE Promoter and General

    • Participating in any formal community forum to catalyze further interest in encode.org's work